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Benefit of plastic Identity card printing for companies in Nigeria.


In a world and era where it is important to be able to identify people for a variety of reasons, company ID cards have to be the most useful identification tools found in any workplace.

Having an ID card is a mainstay in modern society especially the plastic/photo ID card. ID cards offer detailed information about an individual. It is a good way to implement access restrictions to the workplace, other related buildings, and equipment. It helps ensuring that only those who should be in a particular area are actually there.

Plastic cards are ideal for many applications, which makes them prevalent in our daily lives. Their portability, durability and standard size is suitable for payment cards, membership cards and employee identification badge.

There is the need for business and organizations to have a ID card. However, designing secure ID badges and cards involves more than an attractive visual design. A Plastic ID card is more than just an accessory you carry around with your photo on it. It serves a much greater purpose than that as people use it for a number of reasons, including identification, security, and restriction.

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Importance of Plastic ID card.

  • Security – businesses have been using photo ID cards as an effective way of implementing security measures in order to prevent criminal activity. Giving their employees photo ID cards helps them to identify who their employees are, while restricting the chances of thieves and fraudsters
  • Identity – a photo ID card is one of the most effective ways of proving your identity, as you are unable to replicate someone else’s appearance. A photo ID card gives you a sense of belonging in society and they are also used to prove yourself when purchasing items or other such things securely
  • Access – having a photo ID card grants you access to areas or items that without one you would be unable to. Things such as being able to drive a car with a licence, or travel abroad with a passport are all granted with a photo ID card. With the use of use of magnetic stripe encoding, ID Cards can be used in restricting access to buildings or rooms to just certain employees.
  • Fraud Prevention – thanks to the current technological advances, many people are becoming subjected to fraudsters who are stealing their identity and obtaining items in their name. This is a very common occurrence sadly, but one of the most effective ways this can be prevented is by using a photo ID card, information can be replicated, but your face can’t.
  • ID cards can also function as time cards, making it easier for both staff and employers to keep tabs on working hours. By installing stations on a ID card to track employee attendance as they swipe a badge instead of relying on paper time-cards.
  • Payment –
    You can use ID card systems to create custom payment cards. They can be integrated with a cashless payment system and used for eating in the company cafeteria, negating the need to bring money and bank cards to work.
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Advantages of Companies Owning Their Own ID Card Printers.

A plastic card printer lets you customize plastic ID cards and badges for multiple uses: employee badges, contract cards, Visitors cards, payment cards, among others.

Access control is a crucial consideration for many modern businesses. Hence, card printing is what allows employees, vendors and approved guests to access buildings and other resources. A company that needs ID cards has several options but will likely find the greatest advantages in owning their own machines and controlling the process.

Time-Savings: Limited time is spent on producing an ID card rather than the delay in the process of mailing the finish cards to the company. Hence, Owning official ID Card Printer enhance quick production.

Cost Saving: Owning your own card printer ensures that there is no middleman. Hence, no extra payment is required.

Security: One of the main advantages of owing personal printer is to ability to secure necessary information. In case of card Encoding, for maximum security personal printer helps some details remain confidential. An intermediary exposes you to greater potential for fraud and other security issues.

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ID Card Advanced Customization Features

Card printers let you print customised, secure and cost-effective cards on demand. Cards can be printed in colour or monochrome and can be encoded with multiple features like magnetic stripes or RFID to extend their use from highly secure employee IDs to gift card applications.

Every printer has specific technical features and options to match the requirements of each customer in terms of security, speed, and cost.

UV (Ultra-Violet) Security Panel

UV panel is an advance form of security panel that shows a fluorescence image when exposed to UV light. It is a cost-effective and easy way to protect against fraud and counterfeit cards. Users can design any logo or trademark in each card without paying any additional cost. This is the perfect solution for low volume, low cost and mid-range issuance of security ID cards.


Encoding is one of the important functions in ID card printer. ID cards are issued, not only for visual identification, but also for storing information. They are also refers to as access card. Secured information is stored in cards, especially for financial purposes. There are three major encoding methods such as magnetic stripe, contact IC and contactless IC


An embossed card also known as stamping card is an electronic payment card with imprinted or stamped payment card details that can be felt above the card’s surface for taking a physical impression. Embossed cards are commonly used in the healthcare (patient ID cards) and financial markets (debit and credit cards), but embossed cards can be used in many other applications.


Laser-engraved personalization on Plastic ID cards is used for applications where high security is a top priority. Laser card engraving systems allow for multiple personalization attributes such as micro text data print, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Altering engraved information on plastic cards will result in clear visible card damage.

Where to Buy ID card machine in Nigeria.

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