APC UPS: Buy Backup Power Online in Nigeria

Apc-2If you care for your electronic devices which are unable to sustain outages and power fluctuations under full load, the APC UPS is what you are missing. APC has been a renowned brand and comes with quality products. With 2 years direct warranty from the manufacturer, KaraNigeria gives you this excellently engineered machine at an affordable price. Thus, reliability and cost comes hand in hand with this amazing durable UPS.

Buy UPS Online in Nigeria

Prices of UPS depends on their power capacity. APC UPS power capacities for home use include 600VA, 650VA, and 700VA. A UPS of between 600VA and 700VA can comfortably power your PC with monitor. If you want to connect printer and scanner and other home appliances, we’ll advice you to buy a UPS with larger power capacity.


Convenience Features

The APC UPS features a replace battery LED externally to help you inform regarding the need to change battery. The resettable circuit breakers help quick recovery from varied overload events which trouble you every now and then. The data line surge protection enhances the protection of equipment that is connected from any nature of power surges. The audible alarms alert for changing the utility power and UPS condition. The automatic voltage regulation gives you a higher availability while correcting high and low voltage conditions without using the battery. The UPS with over volt protection comes with handy convenient features.

Benefits and Features

The APC UPS comes with Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation to combat any fluctuations in voltage as it acts as AV degradation source and power supply stress. You thus get an application availability which is relatively higher. The external replace battery LED and the intelligent battery management comes with precision charging thus increasing the battery life to a considerable amount.

Safety and Services

You do not need to replace the fuse to recover from overload events with the resettable circuit breaker feature. The early warning fault analysis system in the APC UPS eases preventive maintenance of the battery.You may perform a quick battery replacement, thus saving the repairing time. Also, the LED status indicators showcase the power status in a visually engaging manner.

Data Protection and Electronics

The APC UPS helps you protect the data due to any kind of power outages and spikes with long time battery backup.Secondary electronics too are covered under its protection capabilities. Periodic self-tests help you determine in case a battery replacement is required by any chance.

Portable & Compact Design

The APC UPS has a sleek and smart design. This UPS with greater backup is very light comparatively. You can easily shift them for various appliances. Carry it around anywhere effortlessly!

Reliable Capacity

The APC UPS comes with a remarkable power back up capacity. Easily shut down your systems after backing up important data even during power failures. It has an amazing voltage regulator for boost or buck. This UPS with adequate capacity has proven beneficial in every way possible!

Durable Material

Besides being attractive and presentable, this APC UPS comes with user-friendly controls and LED indicators for simplicity. You can totally rely on this UPS with over volt protection for continuous usage. The top of the notch material guarantees a long lasting finish. The reflective mirror finished buttons are quite appealing and makes this UPS very trendy!

Perfect Utility

The scratch proof exterior easily tends to leave the APC UPS just like a brand new piece. It is ideally designed for supporting desktops under power failures. This durable UPS has a reliable external body which easily remains break free.  The brilliant construction assures this UPS has a very long service life. It has alarms with various beeper modes!

Other Features

This APC UPS stands as the right choice for all the game lovers who do not wish to leave the stage without breaking all the rules. When a code compilation is more important than many other things, the UPS comes handy with the right features. Moreover, it’s also compatible with TV or audio. It is a must buy with all the incredible features it is equipped with.

Price & Availability

karaNigeria offers best prices on APC UPS and we also offer discounts on bulk purchase.


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