Air Conditioners Buying Guide: Window AC Vs Split AC

air-conditioner-new.gif2If you are planning to buy an Air Conditioner but are too confused, which one to go for, then just sit back relax! With this Buying Guide, we will help you in choosing the  Air Conditioner for you


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You can control the indoor temperature with air conditioners. Having air conditioners in the house is extremely comforting for children and adults alike. Moreover, elderly people are unable to bear the heat as well. Humid days and sleepless nights due to heat can take a toll on one’s health. So, be it for your home or office, buying an air conditioner is no longer difficult. You can select the air conditioner type that you prefer. For smaller rooms or for apartments with space constraints, a split air conditioner is ideal. They take up much less space on the wall and cool the room fast. Window ACs can be installed in bigger apartments without any hassle.


Split Air Conditioners

There are spaces where it is not viable to install window units or to have centralized air conditioning; in this scenario Split Air Conditioners will assist you in making your room cooler. Get refreshingly cool air by installing Split Air Conditioner.It primarily comprises of two units i.e. one internal and one external. While the outdoor unit is installed outside the room which you want to cool whereas, the indoor unit is installed inside the room. The outdoor unit has the compressor which is perfectly linked with the internal unit with drain pipes and electric cables. From this unit warm air is thrown out, on the other hand the indoor unit takes the warm air and give cold air.

Below mentioned are the advantages of Split Air Conditioners:

Easy to install

It has washable filters & requires occasional cleaning

More silent as compared to window air conditioners

Simple yet effective controls

Low power consumption.

Window Air Conditioner

Considered as a great marvel of design and utility, Window Air Conditioners are no less than a miracle. Primarily designed to fit in the windows, Window AC cools the room in no time. The single unit is assembled in a casing that comprises of all the components. The window AC’s are more apt in those scenarios where you just have to cool one or two rooms. Important components that assist Window AC’s in cooling room at faster rate include compressor, expansion valve or coil, condenser, evaporator and cooling coil. You will find diverse range of energy efficient window air conditioners, from remote control to digital thermostat, variable fan speeds to energy efficient models; choose the one according to your needs & requirement.
The major advantages of Window Air Conditioners include:
  • Being a single unit, it is very easy to install.
  • Very affordable.
  • Almost all models are energy efficient, thus saves you big on electricity bills.
  • Can be easily moved from one room to another, without creating any mess.

Standing AC

Floor-standing air conditioners, the tower AC-s comprises of two units i.e. one internal and one external. The indoor unit of tower AC doesn-t require any wall installation, as it just needs some space on the floor. Perfect for large rooms, these AC-s offers have high cooling capacity; thereby it cools the room within no time.

Standing AC offer the below mentioned advantages:

  • It can be easily placed close to ceiling or at window level.
  • Has new-age designed diagonal propeller fan that results in fast cooling
  • Attractive looking design

Comparison between Window Air Conditioner & Split Air Conditioner

Window AC                                                                                                  Split AC

Cheaper                                                                                                    Expensive
Suitable For        Small room with window                                   Any room, with or without window
Noise Factor     Moderate Noise                                             Minimal Noise
Capacity Range 0.75 ton to 2 ton                                           0.8 ton to 2 ton
Installation     Less effort required                                         More effort required
Special Features Humidity Control feature, Dust Filter                          Inverter, Hot & Cold, Bacteria Filter

Prices and Availability

With the huge range of ACs available, you can now choose one that suits you most. The air conditioner price range is affordable, so you can easily buy one for your room. Air conditioners from popular brands come with a manufacturers warranty. Therefore, you do not have to worry about after sales service. To beat the heat in summers, buy air conditioners online at today.

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