A Cone Maker For Your Industrial Kitchen


Cone Making Machine

Cone Maker Machine is a great way to increase your business’s profits and make your job easier. The ice cream cone was invented to enable us to eat ice cream without cups or spoons. Cones have become as unique as the ice cream in which they are designed to hold.

Cone maker varies in size depending on either it is for your home or for industrial use.

Industrial Cone Making Machine

Industrial kitchens use durable equipment designed specifically for mass and industrial usage that incorporates safety features rarely found on equipment designed for residential use.

Though we have residential equipment that performs similar function of the Industrial equipment, however, since the  Residential equipment isn’t designed to handle large-scale food preparation and requires frequent replacement due to damages.

Industrial Cone Maker helps get work done faster than the residential maker, with the ability to produce more than the regular one can produce.



The Need For A Cone Maker 

Being familiar with the benefit of a cone maker helps understand the need for it in every industrial kitchen. Here is a brief list of benefits of a Cone maker.

  • Fast paced workflow and Stress-free: the use of a cone maker make work easy for every user. Though cone has been in existence before the invention of the cone maker, whereby cone was molded either by pouring batter into a shell, inserting a core on which the cone was baked, and then removing the core; or pouring the batter into a mold, baking it and then splitting the mold so the cone could be removed with little difficulty but here we have the stress free method where all needed to do baked a waffle in a round shape and rolled, as soon as it came off the griddle and within a few seconds, it hardened in the form of a crisp cone.so why go through a headache when you can save yourself the stress.

  • Reduced cost:  The Cone Maker helps reduce the number of workers needed to get the job done since most of it will be performed by the machine.

Enjoy and not endure every of you time in the kitchen by getting the necessary equipment to make your kitchen a place of pleasure, experience and worthwhile at the same time profitable.

Where To Buy A Cone Maker in Nigeria.

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