In today’s world, where a stable and reliable power supply is crucial, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and UPS plays a vital role in safeguarding electrical equipment from voltage irregularities. Vetronic, a leading provider of electronic solutions, offers series of cutting-edge products in this domain namely Servo-AVR, D-G Series UPS, FS Online UPS, C-V Online UPS among others. In this blog post, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of these Products, highlighting how they ensure a consistent power supply, protect sensitive equipment, and enhance overall reliability.


Servo-AVR is an advanced voltage regulation technology offered by Vetronic.tech. It employs a servo motor-driven mechanism to automatically stabilize the output voltage and compensate for voltage fluctuations. This innovative technology enables precise and rapid adjustments to ensure the output voltage remains within a predetermined range, regardless of input voltage variations.

Vetronic Automatic Voltage Regulators offer Customers a reliable safeguard against supply fluctuations and help to achieve enhanced availability of their systems and operations. Additionally, Vetronic Servo-AVR gives a leverage of energy cost savings since overall energy cost is optimized when the correct operating parameters are assured. Also, equipment life span is enhanced through an efficient power protection with quick and multiple turn around.

Key Features of Vetronic Servo-AVR

Vetronic Servo-AVR incorporates several features that make it a reliable and efficient solution for voltage regulation:

Servo Motor-Driven Operation: The servo motor-driven mechanism in Servo-AVR enables swift and accurate adjustments to maintain a stable output voltage, compensating for fluctuations in the input voltage.

Wide Input Voltage Range: Vetronic Servo-AVR is designed to handle a wide input voltage range, making it suitable for use in areas with inconsistent or fluctuating power supply.

High Precision and Response Time: Servo-AVR ensures precise voltage regulation, offering fast response times to voltage changes, thereby minimizing the risk of equipment damage due to sudden voltage fluctuations.

Surge Protection: Vetronic Servo-AVR is equipped with surge protection capabilities, safeguarding connected devices from harmful voltage spikes caused by power surges or lightning strikes.

LCD Display and Monitoring: The LCD display on Servo-AVR provides real-time monitoring of input and output voltage levels, load conditions, and operational status. This allows users to have clear visibility into the performance of the AVR and make informed decisions.

All-Copper winding: Rugged and reliable copper-wound auto-transformers and buck/boost transformers for premium efficiency, durability and excellent performance, that offers superior comfort and value to customer over its long service life.

100% rated output Capacity: With Vetronic Servo-AVR, there is no need to derate capacity within rated input voltage.

Independent phase regulation: Suitable for 100% unbalanced load

Wide input Voltage Range: A wide range of Standard and Custom input voltage window available as specified by Customers.

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Benefits and Applications

The Vetronic Servo-AVR offers several benefits that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications:

Equipment Protection: By maintaining a stable output voltage, Vetronic Servo-AVR protects sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from potential damage caused by voltage fluctuations, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

Enhanced Power Quality: Servo-AVR improves the quality of power supplied to connected devices, eliminating voltage sags, surges, and harmonic distortions that can disrupt the normal operation of equipment.

Increased Efficiency: With precise voltage regulation, Servo-AVR optimizes power delivery, reducing energy wastage and improving overall energy efficiency in electrical systems.

Reliable Power Supply: Vetronic Servo-AVR ensures a consistent and reliable power supply, minimizing the risk of unexpected shutdowns, data loss, or system failures due to voltage irregularities.

Versatile Applications: Servo-AVR can be used in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. It is suitable for protecting critical equipment, such as computers, servers, medical devices, telecommunications systems, and other valuable electronics.

Voltage Regulation in Unstable Grids: In areas with unreliable or fluctuating power grids, Servo-AVR provides stable and regulated voltage output, protecting connected devices from voltage variations and allowing for uninterrupted operation.

Industrial and Manufacturing Applications: Servo-AVR is particularly beneficial in industrial and manufacturing settings where voltage stability is crucial for the proper functioning of machinery, control systems, and automation equipment.


Aside this Servo-AVR, Vetronic D-G UPS is a special Line-interactive UPS Topology that constantly monitors the input line for voltage fluctuation and auto-corrects main output to connected load with a very wide input-window in-built AVR. The inversion system takes over when input mains fails or exceeds the very wide UPS input thresholds. The Vetronic D-G UPS is built on well-tested and reliable technology that offer high value to diverse customers in different applications. This is achieved through provision of connected loads with regulated supply, protecting against input voltage anomalies and ensuring that battery power is reserved as much as practicable, for most critical use during moments of outage. The line-interactive topology ( D-G Series UPS) assures seamless transition time between input source and battery during outages. This is ideally suited for modern sensitive applications that cannot afford the fastest manual power source transfer.

Key Features of Vetronic D-G UPS

Line- Interactive Topology: It constantly monitors the input line for voltage fluctuation and auto-corrects mains output to connected load with a very wide input-window in-built AVR.

High power density: Small footprint for space -efficient applications

Friendly Status Interface: Attractive status interface: normal mode, battery mode/ main fails, low battery and UPS fault.

Cold Start Function: Starts on battery without input mains

Sleek and Rugged Physical Profile: Durability inside-out with sleek, rugged enclosure.


The Vetronic FS Online is a Mid-Range Model UPS that offers a range of capabilities of 1kva to 20kva for flexibility of choice as desired by the Customer. This conversion topology offers highest quality of power to connected loads as the AC output is always freshly synthesized by the inversion system within the UPS, from the DC pool of the rectifier, with 0ms transfer time. The double-conversion online topology provides connected loads with a very clean, freshly-synthesized supply, protecting against inputs mains anomalies. Additionally, they are double conversion online systems carefully engineered to offer discerning customers enhanced power availability.


Active power factor control (APFC): Equipped with APFC that offers high-performance power factor of up to 0.98 input and 0.8 output

Wide input voltage Range: Better fluctuation to withstand ability without using battery

Large LCD/ Status Interface: Attractive metering interface for voltage, load level, frequency, general status and alarm condition

Self-Diagnostics: Self-diagnostics and real-time status checks

High power density: Small footprint for space-efficient applications

Extended Autonomy: Options for applications with long backup

Intelligent Communication: RS232 standard, SNMP and /or USB optional


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