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Best Washing Machines Prices, Features in Nigeria


washing-machingAfter a long and tiring day, going home to clean a pile of dirty clothes is the last thing you would want. Washing machines are one of the most sought after home appliances because they can help you clean your clothes without any hassles, in a jiffy. www.kara.com.ng presents a variety of washing machines that you can opt for to ensure fast washing.

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Washing machines come in various sizes and vary in types depending on the preferences of people. You can choose washing machines ranging from fully automatic to semi automatic washing machines or front loading and top loading machines. You can check out machines based on wash programmes like pulsator wash and tumble wash. You can also opt for dryers and mini washing machines in case you live in a small home.

Price of washing machines

You can get your best washing machine from N12, 500 – N248, 000 at www.kara.com.ng

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

If you want to avoid extra work like scrubbing, pouring water and wringing clothes dry, you can take a look at the range of fully automatic washing machines. These appliances are efficient, less time consuming and also dry your washed clothes. From washing to spinning via an automatic programme, a fully automatic washing machine is very convenient. Be it front loading washing machines or top loading machines, there is a variety you can choose from. You can opt for a washing machine with a digital display, which will keep you informed about the status of the wash. You can select machines made from plastic or metal, and even some with rat mesh protectors. You can also pick your washing machine based on the amount of clothes you have to wash. Select your fully automatic washing machine according to your needs and ensure hassle free washing.

Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Do you live on a budget but want to wash your clothes without any hassles? Then a semi automatic washing machine is just what you need. These washing machines do not require continuous water supply and are known to consume lesser water while washing clothes in lesser time. For those who want a portable washing machine, the semi automatic washing machine is ideal. If a top loading semi automatic washing machine is what you are looking for, then you can opt for brands like LG Washing Machine or Samsung. You can also take a look at a combination of a machine and dryer. The Samsung washing machine is a smart option for its anti-rust plastic body and antibacterial technology.

You can choose your washing machine from renowned brands like Haier Thermocool, Samsung, LG and Ignis, among others. The washing machines come with a manufacturers warranty which ensures good after-sales support. To wash a bulk of clothes in a matter of minutes, buy washing machine online at www.kara.com.ng today.


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