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wireless speaker buying guide


As life goes by, one hi-fi gadget after the other, wouldn’t it be nice if we could, from time to  time, soothe our senses with some good music, turn it up on full volume and just laze around having a good time!? And to experience this “lost feeling” which has the perfect balance of relaxation plus happiness one needs wireless speakers!

Where to buy Wireless speaker

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Wireless speakers are Compact and convenient, weighing just a few grams, wireless speakers require the user to connect music playing devices to the speakers via Bluetooth and with over 500 wireless speakers around, buying the right one can be a pretty daunting task. So as to help ease your buying woes, we have enlisted below certain features that you need to keep a look out for before making a decision.


This is one of the most important features to look for in a wireless speaker. The point of buying a wireless speaker is so that you can carry it around anywhere, any time, without having to worry about its bulk and weight. So, always keep a look out for portability.



SNR refers to the Signal Noise Ratio which denotes the ratio of the speaker signal output to the noise disturbance around. Higher the SNR, better the sound quality of the speaker. This either means that the output of the speaker is very high as compared to the disturbance around, or the speaker has the ability to cancel out the disturbance around it, giving a better signal output. A minimum of 75DB is considered as a good SNR.


Phone connect

If you’re the one who cannot stay away from calls and messages then the Phone Connect is an important feature for you. Thankfully, most speakers in the market offer you the ease of connecting your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth which also helps in answering / ending calls. In fact, some speakers also provide the facility of connecting 2 or more devices at the same time making them irresistible for phone addicts!


USB Cable

A USB cable not only comes in handy when you need to connect your speakers for charging, but you can also connect it to your gadgets and turn up the music via your laptop / PC. Besides all the other features that wireless speakers offer, this one specifically is an added advantage.


Price and Availability

Wireless speakers are available on www.kara.com.ng  from N1,500




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