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Wireless keyboard price features and specifications










A wireless keyboard, don’t have to tolerate the mess of wiring and inconvenience. Wireless keyboard maintain required distance between the screen and the seating and also don’t need to keep it placed on the working table always saving a lot of space when not using the system.

Introducing the world’s first 90-degree touchpad bluetooth wireless keyboard.

The innovative design  allows of wireless keyboard for full control of the touchpad, including click, scroll and navigation functions, in either upright or horizontal position.

wireless keyboard is perfect for PCs and notebooks, smart phones, and game consoles such as PS3 and Xbox, the innovative design allows for easy navigation and text input, and connects to your device via bluetooth or wirelessly with a built-in USB dongle.


Difference between Wireless keyboard and wired keyboard

  • Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of wireless keyboards is convenience. A wireless keyboard means not having to hassle with wires and being able to sit farther away from the computer. Many people who have their computers hooked up to their television sets use a wireless keyboard so they can access media while sitting on their couch.

  • Input Lag

One major problem with a wireless keyboard is the potential for input lag. which is when there is a delay between hitting the key and seeing the result on the screen. Input lag can be caused by a poor wireless connection, wireless interference or just a poorly designed keyboard. Input lag usually isn’t noticeable when typing or doing everyday computing, but it can be very annoying when playing a computer game.

Battery Life

A wired keyboard gets its power from the computer. You never have to worry about batteries or charging it. A wireless keyboard runs on batteries, which will need to be replaced or recharged on a regular basis. While some wireless keyboards can go months before needing to be replaced, the cost can add up over time.


Price and Availability of wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard is available in most stores in Nigeria and you can get it at www.kara.com.ng at 4,000 today.


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