“Washing Machine” Front or Top loader, Fully or Semi Automatic?

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A washing machine is an appliance used to wash various types of clothes without applying any physical efforts. Clothe usage is a day to day activities which cannot be omitted from the norms of life. A reliable washing machine that gently helps wash your clothes is what you need to relieve yourself of the stress of washing daily. With washing machine, you don’t have to scrub the clothes with hand or squeeze them to remove the water from them. It enables you to wash your clothes automatically without having to supervise its operation. All you have to do is put the clothes in the machine and select the washing mode.

The washing machine automatically takes in the amount of water and detergent required and it also automatically sets the timer for washing, rinsing and drying as per the selected mode and the number of clothes, however, this depends on the type of washing machine you use.

Types of Washing Machine.

Do you prefer loading and unloading laundry from the top of a washing machine rather than bending to load a front-loading washing machine?  The position at which you want to load your clothes depends on the type of washing machine you uses. There are basically two types of a washing machine which are the Top Loader and the Front Loader.

Top-Load Washing Machine

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As the name connotes, this is a machine which requires the cloth be loaded from the top of the washing machine. Most top-loaders are better at cleaning, gentler on fabrics, quieter, and use less water than agitator washing machines. And they spin faster, removing more water, which cuts dryer time. The top loading washing machine is preferred by the people who don’t want to bend the body while loading the clothes in the machine. This washing machine is more widely used than the front loading washing machine in many parts of the world.


    • More affordable than the front loading washing machine
    • You don’t need to bend over when fixing your laundry
    • You can add some more laundry if you forgot a piece of cloth somewhere
    • If you want, you can wash another batch of laundry without draining the water
    • It has a shorter wash cycle
    • It has a minimal vibration because of its orientation
    • No bad odor because water can be drained properly
    • The control panel is much easier to understand


  • Lower cleaning performance than front loading washing machine
  • Cannot accommodate large comforters because of its agitator
  • Some units or models do not have an agitator

Front-Load Washing Machine

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Front-load washing machines are usually more expensive than the top load. it was introduced in the 2000s. This washing machine requires the clothes been loaded from the front side. The front-loading washing machines consume less electric energy, water, and detergent and also give better washing results compared to the top loading washing machine. Front-loaders take longer to wash than top-loaders, but spin faster, extracting more water and trimming dryer time.


  • Front load washers are very attractive, with glass doors and chrome accents.
  • They generally have larger capacities, allowing you to wash comforters and other bulky items.
  • They don’t have agitators or impellers in the tub, giving you more room and a more gentle washing action.
  • They can be installed with the dryer stacked on top of the washer, saving space in the home.
  • They generally use less water and detergent than top load machines.
  • They have excellent washing performance and fabric care.


  • Front load washers require bending for loading and unloading which can be uncomfortable for many people.
  • They can develop musty odors in the tub if not cared for properly.
  • They can take more time to do the wash than many top load washers.
  • They are generally larger in size than top load washers, making them hard to fit in some homes.

Whether you choose a top or a front load machine, in the end, it really depends on your needs and how it operates

What is a Fully Automatic Washing Machine and Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

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Semi-Automatic: This has separate tubs or vessels for the washer and the drier. There are two separate timers that enable setting washing and drying times. To wash the clothes you have to put the clothes in the wash vessel, put sufficient quantity of the water and detergent and then set the timer. After the specified time, the washing machine will stop. You can remove the clothes and dry them in the sun or you can dry them partially in the dryer vessel by setting suitable time.

 A semi-automatic washing machine can help you save water since it does not require continuous water supply in order to operate. You can also closely regulate the wash cycle in this type of washing machine, which ensures that you don’t end up using more power than required. Semi-automatic washing machines are always top.

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Fully Automatic: In fully automatic washing machine there is only one tub that serves as the washer, rinser as well as the drier. Depending on the number of clothes or the weight of the clothes, the machine takes in the sufficient amount of water and detergent automatically and sets the timer for wash and drying automatically. All you have to do is just provide the water connection, put the detergent from time-to-time in its storage space and put the clothes, the fully automatic washing machine does the rest of things automatically.  Fully automatic washers can either be front loading or top loading.

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