TV buying guide; Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED which TV to buy?

To be honest with you, buying a TV is definitely an all important decision. And why so? Well, no sooner than you purchase it, the TV will probably be the most used “appliance” in your house, with everyone being transfixed in front of the  box. Given the time being spent in front of the TV, the stress to the eyes, and so on. it is imperative that you make the right choice when it comes to buying a television.

While there are multiple factors to be considered, let’s first talk about the most important of them all – screen output. This brings us to decoding the terminology of televisions that we are most well-versed with – Plasma, LCD, LED & OLED.


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The ‘oldest’ of technologies, Plasma is a dying breed of televisions. They were a rage when launched but have since lost the technology battle to LCDs &  LEDs.

With a view to breaking-down the technology bit for you, Plasma TVs are made of 2 layers of glass with a mixture of gases stored in the Plasma form between the glass sheets. When plugged in with electricity, the gases react and in-turn illuminate the pixels on TV screen. This technology provides the best colour display contrast ratio (the extreme difference between the brightest spot of an image and the darkest) but it has one major pitfall – Image Persistence/Burn-In.

By Image Persistence (short-term) we mean that when you flip channels, an image from the previous channel temporarily lingers on the screen. Over a longer period of time, due to uneven ageing of the phosphors (gas particles) the TV screen is a victim of the Burn-In which means that lingering of an image is almost permanent & hard to get rid of. This makes the TV quite useless & in need of replacement. Of course, technology has evolved to reduce the chances of Burn-In but this is not entirely impossible yet!

These glitches apart, you should know that the Plasma TV is the ‘safest to watch’ and not known to have any particular damaging effect on your eyes.

Plasma TV screen size starts from 42 inches & goes on up to 64 inches; Panasonic is the leader in this category as it offers multiple options across price points closely followed by LG.



LCD stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’. In turn, an LCD TV consists of a panel made up of segments with each block filled with liquid crystals. These crystals don’t produce their own light and so a fluorescent bulb is placed in the TV unit which lights these crystals.

In terms of size varieties, brand options & price points – LCD TVs win hands down! You will find a 39 inch TV as well as a 45 inch one, and the list of brands is wide as it ranges from Sansui to LG to Samsung to you name it!

Another USP of the LCD TVs is that they are really thin & sleek which makes it possible to hang them over kitchen counter tops & such placement variations.



LED TVs are the upgraded versions of LCD TVs. They work on the same technology principle as LCD TVs, just that the fluorescent bulb is
replaced with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), from which the TV gets its name. LED TVs can be Direct Lit (with the diodes present in the centre of the TV from which light is emitted) or Edge Lit wherein the diodes are present on the edge of TV and it’s from here that the TV is lit.

LED TVs are the most widely available format today. Right from a Micromax to a Samsung, you will be spoilt for choice here & will have the freedom of choosing between price points. 



So, OLED is not an improvement on LED, it is something entirely different. Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) technology uses organic materials like carbon to create light when supplied with an electric current. This means, that OLED TVs don’t need an external lighting source and this makes it possible to have really narrow & thin OLED versions. This technology results in superior picture quality, contrast ratio, brightness, motion blur, is faster at processing images and needless to say this technology comes at cost that is not customer friendly. Not yet, at least.

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