nokia-lumia-930 (1) Lumia phones are powerful smartphones with the latest software and the best new Windows features. Even the lower end  Lumia 520 and 521 are well-built, well designed and specified with enough power to manage your social and professional life at once.
Despite the loud colors of some of the cases, the Lumia mobile phones line does have business needs at heart. However, Microsoft’s mobile OS deserves a chance, so please, do at least consider Windows Phone as a viable option the next time you’re shopping around for a new smartphone. You may try it, and fall in love with it. And wonder why you wasted so much time on the competition.Here are 10 reasons to switch to Lumia phones.


Where to  buy a Lumia Mobile Phones

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Microsoft Office

If your business uses Office, Lumia mobile phones is for you. The Lumia  phones includes a copy of Office so you can collaborate on projects on the move. As part of the Office, it also has Outlook with Exchange integration so you can keep in contact and remain productive wherever you are. Unlike any other smartphone operating system, Windows Phone comes with Office out-of-the-box. And it is free. Admittedly, it is not the full-blown version that is available on Windows but it gets the job done for those who wish to view, and edit, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files on their handset. Office on Windows Phone integrates nicely with SkyDrive, as users can save their compatible files on Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Also, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files can be downloaded, from SkyDrive, and modified on the smartphone. And, for those who use Office 365, Microsoft allows them to enroll their Windows Phone too. You can view and edit documents, email through Outlook and instant message through Lync, all from your Lumia phone.

Large screen

Most smartphones now have screens large enough to work effectively and the Lumia range is no different. With up to 6 inches at 1080p, some Lumia models such as the Nokia Lumia 1520 are ideal for business use. Even the smaller Nokia Lumia 800 with its ClearBlack display is excellent to work with and won’t hurt your eyes after five minutes of using it either.

Great Camera

Originally, Lumia Smartphones were produced by Nokia, and Nokia smartphones have been renowned for great cameras. The Lumia brand has smartphones with a Camera sensor up to 41 Mega Pixel, nothing comes close. But currently, The Lumia 640 and 640XL feature different cameras which come with powerful features. The Lumia 640 rear camera comes with a 8 MP sensor while its front camera features a 1 MP camera. The Lumia 640 features a more powerful camera sensor with its 13 MP rear camera and a front camera of 5MP and both are quick to launch.

Ease of use

If you use Windows at work, you can use a Nokia Lumia phone. Windows Phone as an OS has come a long way since its introduction. It’s now faster, more streamlined and more intuitive than ever. It’s also easy to use, with Live Tiles being a particularly beneficial function. In order to deliver an enjoyable experience, smartphones should be easy to use whether we are talking about adjusting system settings, finding an application or configuring the start screen to the user’s liking. In this regard Lumia Phones does not disappoint: users can populate the start screen with a large number of live tiles and position them based on their preference, the applications are listed in alphabetical order and the settings are easy to discover and tweak. And Windows Phone is easy to navigate too: users can see all their pinned live tiles by swiping vertically on the start screen, the application list can be triggered by a swipe to the right from the start screen and the settings appear as an app within the applications list. It is simple, is it not?

Range of models

The choice is certainly nothing the mobile phone market is short of, but the diversity in the Nokia Lumia range is refreshing. If you want a flagship phone, the Nokia Lumia 2520 is the current king of the crop. However, if you want something more modest, there are a dozen other worthwhile models to choose from. All Nokia Lumia are priced competitively and offer something unique to each. So you really can get the right phone for your needs.


No business user is going to contemplate editing confidential documents on their phone if it isn’t secure. Windows Phone 8 has 13 layers of security built into the core system. All apps are certified before hitting the app store and the OS will only run certified apps.The Nokia Lumia line also uses encryption as standard to keep your data as safe as possible. The remote control will allow you to lock or wipe your phone from the cloud should the worst happen too.While most consumers may not place security at the top of their priority list, the same cannot be said about businesses and institutions which deal with important data on a frequent basis. Windows Phone 8 comes with a number of security-oriented features like app sandboxing, that is designed to prevent unauthorized data access, remote wiping, secure boot, that only allows approved software components to run, and BitLocker encryption, that encrypts all the content on the device. The operating system also secures data sync (with SSL 3.0 and AES 128 or 256-bit encryption) and supports Information Rights Management, that is meant to protect against unauthorized content distribution.

Powerful Battery

One great feature about the Lumia 640 and 640 XL is that they both feature powerful batteries. This is an aspect that concerns Nigerians, because of the epileptic power situation in the country. The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL come with 2500 and 3000 mAh batteries respectively, which adds extra juice to your phone’s power requirements.

One-year free Subscription to Office 365 personal

This feature is very handy for the corporate individuals, who need to stay smart, organized and in constant contact with the office even when not around. The Office 360 personal comes packed with the latest office application such as Word, Excel, power point, outlook and one note

Innovative Design

Normally, the Lumia range of smartphones comes in great colours and design. But the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL takes the cake. Although they aren’t the slimmest of smartphones, 8.8 and 9mm respectively, they both feel good to hold and can be operated with a single hand. They come with interchangeable covers such as orange, Cyan, black and white. Apart from the white model, the Lumia 640XL comes with a matte finish while the Lumia 640 comes with a glossy finish.


When it comes to making purchases for products and services, affordability comes to mind. Most smartphones are quite expensive, especially coming from top brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. But Microsoft wants to make its smartphones more affordable and accessible to low-income earners all around the world. The estimated price for the Lumia 640 (3G Model) is N29,986, while the LTE model goes for  N34,000. The Lumia 640 XL (3G) which is equivalent to N40,773 and its LTE version goes for  N47,245. To know more on Lumia phones visit 


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