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Tips on Maintaining a Watch – wristwatch online shopping


wrist watch (1)A designer wristwatch can add timeless class and functionality to any ensemble, but that perfect marriage of elegance and usefulness is quickly lost if the watch is damaged, dirty or not working properly. Protect your men’s wristwatch or women’s watch investment for years to come by taking good care of it. With proper maintenance, your watch will continue to keep perfect time and may even become a family heirloom that could last for generations. Keep reading for tips on maintaining a wristwatch.


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How to maintain your Watch:


Clean your watch

You may consider cleaning your men’s watch or women’s watch daily after you remove it. Use a dry, soft cloth to simply wipe it off. Once a week, wash rubber or metal bands in warm, soapy water to remove dirt and residue. Do not immerse leather watch straps in soapy water. Instead, use a quality leather cleaner or conditioner to clean leather wristwatch straps.

Be careful about exposure

Remove your wristwatch during any vigorous activities. No matter how strong the case or winding mechanism is, direct contact with a golf ball or other object might damage the watch. Also, limit the watch’s exposure to hot water. Although many watches are made to be water-resistant, they should not be exposed to hot water for prolonged periods of time. The heat from the water will cause the gaskets to expand and contract.

Stay on top of winding and battery changes

If you have a mechanical watch, wind your wristwatch every day and only turn the dial clockwise when setting it. Both of these things will help maintain the timekeeping accuracy of the watch. You can also purchase an automatic winder that will do the job for you. Battery-operated watches should have their dead batteries changed promptly to keep the watch in top condition.

Make time for servicing

Has your wristwatch professionally serviced every three to five years or whenever you get the battery changed. A jeweler will take the watch apart, clean the inside and lubricate the gaskets. The jeweler can also refinish the surface if it has scratches, replace any broken or worn parts and make adjustments to the watch band if necessary.


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