Tips on how to Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone

Cell-Phones--SmartphonesShopping for a new cell phone is always exciting. It can be fun to compare cell phones and see all the new features and styles available. But for the sake of your budget, it’s best not to upgrade cell phones too often. Extending the life of your new cell phone will help delay the cost of your next mobile phone. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your cell phone lasts.


Where to Buy Cell phones

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Making Your Cell Phone Last:

Choose a phone with more features

The most common reason people change cell phones is that their current mobile phone doesn’t have the features they want. Skip the cheap cell phones and select a phone with the advanced features you want and will use. A smartphone with a touch screen and options for downloading apps will provide you with a limitless number of potential features.


Protect the screen from damage

If the screen on your cell phone is cracked, scratched or otherwise hard to read, you may have to replace it. Help reduce wear and tear on your cell phone screen by using a screen protector and cleaning it with a non-abrasive cleanser.


Buy unlocked cell phones

Unless you can get your wireless carrier to “unlock” your cell phone from their network for use on another carrier, you’ll probably end up buying another cell phone if you want to change companies. Check out unlocked cell phones, and you’ll never be trapped with an unsatisfactory carrier just because you don’t want a new cell phone.


Replace that old battery

If your cell phone just doesn’t last as long between charges, it’s not your phone that’s the problem. Just find a new cell phone battery and it’ll seem like a brand new mobile phone.


Add more memory to your phone

Your mobile phone may not have enough memory to store contacts, photos or applications you’d like to use. Check to see if your phone has an expandable memory slot for a memory card. You can add several gigabytes of memory to your phone this way.


Find a durable cell phone case

A few untimely drops can spell the end for your cell phone. Protect it from common impacts and scratches with a durable cell phone case. A padded silicone cell phone skin protects against impacts, while a hard crystal case with a clam-shell screen cover protects well against scratches.


Pricing and Availability

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