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Three Chamber Fruit Dispenser For Your Industrial Kitchen


Three Chamber Fruit Dispenser


What makes an industrial kitchen are a necessary equipment in it.

Industrial kitchens use durable equipment designed specifically for mass and industrial usage that incorporates safety features rarely found on equipment designed for residential use.

Though we have residential equipment that performs similar function of the Industrial equipment, however, since the  Residential equipment isn’t designed to handle large-scale food preparation and requires frequent replacement due to damages.

Juice Dispenser

Juice dispenser is a housing design to hold one or more liquid containers filled with fruit and a fluid metering mechanism for providing the liquid concentrate from the liquid containers to a consumer.

Juice dispensers keep juice cold with a refrigerated bowl below filled with ice that won’t water down/ dilute your drink like submerged ice will.

Three chamber juice dispenser 

Three chamber juice dispenser is a three container designed table dispenser for serving fruit or beverages with design attractive enough to make you go tasty at the mere look of it.

The Need For A Three chamber juice dispenser 

Being familiar with the benefit of a three chamber juice dispenser helps understand the need for it in every industrial kitchen. Here is a brief list of benefits of a three chamber juice dispenser.

  • Fast paced workflow: imagine you have a lot of things to do and at the same time juice must be on the table of all the guest and each guest want a different flavor, how do you go about it? when you won’t divide yourself into two. Thanks to the innovation of three chamber juice dispenser you meet everyone request without moving a finger, just position it on a nearby table for everyone to help them self with any of their preferred flavour all in one dispenser containing three chambers. By doing so you can get every other thing done.
  • Healthy: Taking juice is healthy but it is important to ensure the Juice you serve is safe to drink. If not served the right way, it can become very harmful for the body. The drink needs only to be served when the guest is ready for it .

  • Reduced Size of Waste:  At times after party is the most stressful time for every host when all the guest have gone to their various destination, you look around you and it’s hard for you to recognize where you are. A guest can have 2-3 can of drink before the end of the party but with a juice dispenser, all needed is a cup which can be refilled as much as possible.
  • Reduced cost:  There is no need to hire staff just to refill the drink since your guests can get refreshed at will without the help of additional hand.

Store and enjoy up to three different juice at the same time Three separate containers, each with individual faucets Adjustable & stackable design allows for 1, 2, or 3 tiers of  Fresh Fruit.

Where To Buy A Three Chamber Fruit Dispenser in Nigeria.

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