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The need for Voltage Stabilizer at home and offices.


No one can rule out possibility of voltage fluctuation even if you are at office, home or manufacturing plant.
When voltage goes down, electric current in the appliance increase, which can result in burning of the appliance. Voltage fluctuation occurs in spike and it hardly unnoticeable unless it damage any your equipment.

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Voltage fluctuations are changes (increase or decrease) in voltage coming to your home that make the lights glow dimmer (for low voltage) or extremely bright (for high voltage) than normal which are dangerous for most of the appliances, most especially, appliances with motor components.

The Nigeria Power supply still needs major improvement, with voltage fluctuating up and down at many areas frequently which cost users to spend out of budget on every damage procured.The damages can either be temporary or permanent which render ones appliances useless, even most repaired appliances shortened the lifespan of the appliances.

Due to this there is the need for voltage stabilizers for home and offices appliances.
Voltage stabilizers are electrical appliances used to feed constant voltage current to electrical gadgets like Air Conditioners, refrigerators and computers, and protects them from damage due to voltage fluctuations.

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Voltage stabilizer is designed for maintaining the stable voltage level to provide a constant supply in spite of any fluctuations or changes in supply in order to protect the home appliances. Generally voltage regulators are used to maintain constant voltage and these voltage regulators which are used to provide constant voltage to the home appliances are called as Voltage Stabilize

There are different types of voltage stabilizers such as servo voltage stabilizers, automatic voltage stabilizers, AC voltage stabilizers and DC voltage stabilizers.

How to choose the right Stabilizer for your Appliances

There are different size of stabilizer therefore it becomes stressful to choose the best one to power your appliances. In choosing, the most important thing is to know the load connected to the stabilizer.

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Firstly, you need to know the power (or watts) for the appliances that will be connected to a stabilizer. The sum total of the power consumption (or watts) will give you an idea of the load on stabilizer in watts. But most stabilizer sizes are in VA (Volt Ampere) or kVA (kilo Volt Ampere which is equal to 1000 Volt Ampere). Although to get to actual VA (or Volt Ampere) from Watts (W) you will have to do some measurements, but to give a rough approximation, you can increase the Watts value by 20% to get the approximate VA size that you may need. So for example, if sum of watts (from your appliances) to be connected to your stabilizer is 1800W then you can get a 2000 VA or 2 kVA stabilizer.

It is also important to know the input voltage range that gets into your house. This is important because every stabilizer has a minimum and maximum input voltage to which it can stabilize the output voltage. Nigeria uses 220/240V, If a voltage stabilizer has input voltage range of 100 V (min) – 260 V (max) and the voltage in your house goes below 100 V or more than 260 V, then the stabilizer will just cut off the power supply to your appliance. But if it is 150 V or 250 V (within the working range), then it will try to stabilize it to the desired output voltage range.

Where to buy Voltage Stabilizer in Nigeria

Looking for where to buy Voltage Stabilizer in Nigeria ? It is very simple and stress-free,  the best option and the smartest move is to order from an online shopping store. The best online shopping website to buy a reliable Voltage Stabilizer  is Kara.com.ngwhere you can order your preferred series at the best selling price in Nigeria and also enjoy fast delivery to any location in Nigeria.


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