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The best laptops in Nigeria: HP Computer Features


250HP has been a leader in the electronics industry for more than half a century. HP computers feature some of the most cutting-edge features of any devices on the market. To help you navigate the technical specifications and choose a computer that’s best for you, we’ve broken down some of the best features that HP computers have to offer.


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HP Computer Features:

HP tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are laptops that allow you to use a stylus with the touch screen. HP tablets open just like an HP laptop, but the screen can swivel and lay flat on the keyboard, allowing you to write, draw and otherwise interact with the tablet via that touch screen. These HP computers are especially useful for artists and others who want more specific control over computer functions and graphics.

Lots of included software

HP computers often come pre-loaded with numerous programs designed to make using your desktop or laptop easier. You’ll find programs for helping you maintain and organize your hard drive, manage personal files and even automatically evaluate the health of your computer.

All-in-one computer models

All-in-one HP computers are meant to be used as entertainment centers as well as desktops. These HP desktops usually feature a large screen, sometimes a touch screen, which houses the disc drive and other computer components and possibly even a TV tuner. This means that the all-in-one computer doesn’t have a bulky computer case like traditional desktops. Combine these HP computers with a wireless keyboard and mouse and you’ll have a stylish replacement for your traditional desktop.

Large LCD screens

HP computers feature high-quality LCD screens that are perfect for watching TV shows or movies. With an HD capable entertainment PC, you can watch Blu-ray movies in high definition on your laptop or desktop. Large screens also allow HP computers to display multiple documents and windows on the screen at once.

Various connection ports

When you have a main computer, you may want to be able to connect other devices to it — like your phone, MP3 player, external hard drive and more. HP computers feature multiple connection ports for many connector cable types, including USB, Ethernet, VGA and HDMI, in addition to ports for memory cards.






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