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Sumec Generator price, specification and features


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Sumec generator is a generator design to suit home or industrial purposes, these portable generators will give you all the power you need. But more importantly, it will suit your lifestyle and your budget, whilst offering low gasoline consumption and stable performance thus making life a lot easier, should you ever find yourself in the dark. Browse our deals, compare prices and review our high-tech range of standby sumec generator .the generator also contain one cylinder, four stroke petrol engines. The engines vary in capacity depending on rated output power.

Furthermore sumec generator is a cost effective generator which can be use in for home and business purposes I can tell you categorically that is the best values for money making in Nigeria market today sumec generator is easy to use and recommended for than two bed room flat it have the capability to carry your T.V, DVD players, refrigerator and will still have enough energy for the couple of light and your fans

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The engine of this generator is equipped with an oil alert system. This help to monitor the oil level in your generator crankcase it is design to automatically to shut down the engine if the oil level falls below save limit in other to prevent your generator from serious engine damage.

Price and availability of Sumec Generator

To cap it up sumec generator is affordable, reliable and very easy to operate. Hurry hope now and get your own at www.kara.com.ng The price starts from 26,400.


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