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Shop Online for Inverters and Stabilizer


inverter22 (1)Electricity makes the world go round. Therefore, power cuts slow down daily life and makes it difficult for us to work. Bid goodbye to darkness during a power failure with the help of an inverter. Inverters are extremely popular and efficient with their ability to provide electricity during power cuts. Those on the lookout for inverters and stabilizers can choose from a huge range that Kara.com.ng has to offer.

Shop Online for Inverters and Stabilizer

You can choose from a range of inverters and stabilizers for your home or workplace, depending on your requirements. The variety ranges from inverters and stabilizers for air conditioners, LCD TVs, washing machines, main lines, power outage and other sources that require electricity to function. You can also opt for a battery or a UPS, among others, for good and steady back-up.

Inverters for Power Cuts

Inverters have become the appliances of the day with their capacity to provide electric power to households even during power cuts. The inverters are compact and can be stored easily in small corners of the house. They have the ability to support various appliances in your home, so you can pick one according to your needs. Like watching TV and hate it when voltage fluctuations or power failures mess up you programme schedule? Then, you can check out an inverter that support LCD or LED TVs can opt for brands like APC . You can also opt for an LED or CFL UPS for constant charging. Other options available are the inverters for your refrigerators by LG or main line inverters , Mercury, Luminous, among others. The power outage inverters include options such as APC backup supply, Exide UPS inverters or an inverter with an emergency lighting system by Mecury. It has now become easy to switch on your television, air conditioners and refrigerators during power cuts without a second thought with the help of these inverters.

Stabilize Voltage Fluctuations

A stabilizer is also known as a voltage regulator. They are the need of the hour with their ability to compensate for the occurrence of voltage fluctuations. They can be either plugged into small equipment or a wall outlet or in devices like air conditioners, televisions or refrigerators in order to prevent the fluctuation of input voltage. If you want your electronics to function without any glitches, a voltage stabilizer is all you need. You can choose from a range of stabilizers that will help you restore stability. You can opt for a voltage stabilizer for your air conditioners from brands such as V-Guard, Kiranotics or Voltech, among others with thermal inbuilt overload protection. To protect your refrigerator from voltage fluctuations, you can check out a premier voltage stabilizer or a Sollatek stabilizer. If voltage fluctuation is common in your locality, you can take a look at a range of stabilizers for your television and washing machines like Samsung and LG automatic and high low voltage protectors or Mecury stabilizers for your washing machines. Opt for a mainline and power outage stabilizer by brands like Su-Kam and Luminous with a capacity up to 1 ton or Kay Pee and RPG stabilizers for power outage.

Price and Availability

Choose your inverters and stabilizers from the range of renowned brands and say goodbye to power cuts. The inverter price range along with stabilizers is quite reasonable, so buy inverters and stabilizers online at www.kara.com.ng today.


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