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Samsung about to lunch Tizen Phone with Samsung Z


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Samsung is about to break the market again with the introduction of Tizen operating system which is quite different from what we see in Android phones. Tizen operating system which is a Linux based open source operating system is an homegrown operating system by Samsung which will give them complete control over it.

Samsung attempt to lunch the Tizen operating system first appear with it proposed galaxy gear. It was this Galaxy gear that first received and incorporation of Tizen operating system. Tizen is expected to come out of box with Samsung Z which will first have its first lunch later this week in San Francisco.
Tizen operating system is a Samsung made operating system which is free from google control, at present Tizen operating system does not have major app support from third party developer, however Samsung at the showing off of the phone (Samsung Z) will also make Tizen information available about developers.

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Samsung Z Tizen Specification

Samsung Z in the leak is seen with 8Megapixel back camera and the processor will be 2.3 gigahertz quad core Qualcomm process. Samsung Z should be available in Russia in the third quarter of this year and will eventually get into other major market around the globe.
Samsung has said that Tizen operating system is simply fast and efficient. Tizen when lunched is expected to add to the experience of smartphone users.


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