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Philips Air fryers Price and Availability


air-fryerAn air fryer is a kitchen appliance that works by using high speed hot air circulation. When the air fryer is working, it begins to produce hot air and a mechanical fan begins to circulate it very fast around the food, which fries the food and produces a crispy layer. By circulating air up to 200 Celsius degrees, this appliance fries several foods like potato chips, chicken, fish or pastries and it uses no oil.

Most air fryers come with adjustable temperature and timer knobs that allow for more precise cooking. Food is cooked in the cooking basket that sits on a drip tray. There are various brands of air fryers that claims to fry the food with 80% less oiling and Philips Air fryer is one of them . The air fryer technology is based on “Rapid air technology” that uses the hot air to fry and cook the food which causes the use of less oil frying food.


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Philips Air fryer

Philips Air fryer can give you that same satisfying fatty taste – but without the oil.

The Philips Air fryer  uses Rapid Air Technology, hot air in other words, to cook the kind of meals that would traditionally be dunked in a deep fat fryer.

By circulating air up to 200C around foods like chips, chicken, fish or pastries, Philips claims to be able to brown them off nicely with up to 80 percent less fat.

The Air Fryer looks like a large rice cooker and has a chunky tray which can be removed, filled with food and put back inside.

Twelve minutes later the meal emerges hot and crisp and, according to Philips, far healthier for you.

It produces a brown and crispy finish – and cuts the calories – in everything from chicken legs to scampi.

A batch of handmade chips needs just half a spoonful of oil and will take 12 minutes to cook.

Oven-ready French fries can be cooked to a crisp in nine minutes.Steak, hamburger, chicken breast and frozen chicken nuggets are dealt with in similar times.

Those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to learn that a cake can be baked inside 25 minutes.

Philip air fryer uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds. This achieves what scientists call the Maillard effect, the browning and crisping process seen when food is fried, roasted, toasted or baked.

Because chips are so popular, they are responsible for Britons consuming 240,000 kilos of hidden fat every year.

Air Fryer Benefits

An air fryer has many benefits to offer its customers.

  • Low-fat meals
  • Easy clean up
  • Uses hot-air circulation, the air fryer cooks your ingredients from all angles- with no oil needed.
  • This ultimately produces healthier foods than most fryers and spares you from that unwanted aroma of fried foods in your home.

To make sure you get the most out of your appliance, most fryers are accompanied with a recipe book to help you get started right away on your journey of fast, yet healthy meal preparations. Whether your favorite dish is French fries, muffins, chips, chicken tenders or grilled vegetables, an air fryer can prepare it all.

Price And Availability

You can get your Philip air fryer on www.kara.com.ng at affordable prices




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