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Perfect Washing Machine Buying Guide


blog-vs-washing-mChoosing a simple washing machine can sometimes become quite a hassle! If you are planning to buy a new washing machine,
but you are confused which one to go for? Not to worry, we’ll sort this out for you. Just go through this buying guide, it will definitely assist you in selecting your next washing machine

A washing machine in today’s age is one such appliance without which washing clothes can almost come to a standstill. Also, known by the name of laundry machine or clothes washer, a washing machine assists in washing every type of clothes. It comprises of a barrel where clothes are put in for cleaning.
When current is passed through machine, the barrel rotates in quick succession resulting in removal of dirt from clothes. It is one of the simplest ways of washing clothes in hassle-free manner.

Where to buy Washing machine

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Price of washing machines

You can get your durable washing machine from N12, 500 – N248, 000 at www.kara.com.ng


Check out the two types of control of washing machine:
a) Fully-Automatic
In fully-automatic washing machines, there is only one tub that performs all the functions. Capable of doing washing as well as spinning activities, in fully-automatic there is no need to shift the clothes. The major plus about them is, you just need to program it only once before every wash load. Being energy efficient, these are light on pocket too. With compact in size, these can be easily moved around the house.


  • Multitude wash programs
  • Wash quality is better than semi-automatic washing machines
  • No manual intervention required
  • Consumes less space

b) Semi-Automatic

True to its name, Semi-Automatic washing machines are partially automatic. Known as entry-level washing machines, these have two tubs i.e. one for washing & other for drying. Owing to this, you have to shift clothes from one tub to another. There is no requirement of permanent water connection for Semi-Automatic washing machines. With big in size, moving these around the house is quite a task.


  • Continuous water supply not required
  • Consumes less water & electricity
  • Shorter washing cycle
  • You can pour water manually


The washing machine is divided into two types:

a) Front Load

In Front Loading washing machines, when the drum rotates it tumbles the clothes resulting in cleaning them effectively. These front loaders also have built-in heater that effectively heats the water. Being energy-efficient, you’ll be saved from paying hefty electricity bills.

The major benefits of Front Loading washing machine are as follows:

  • Superior wash quality
  • Plenty of wash programs
  • Perfect for washing delicate clothes
  • Offers different type of spin speeds according to the material of cloth resulting in quicker drying

b) Top Load

In Top Loaders, the washer’s tub is placed vertically in the machine. With agitator in the middle, it assists in churning the clothes and water together. The Top Loading washing machines offer shorter wash cycle of approx. 25 minutes. Furthermore, these also give the advantage of adding clothes in the midst of the washing cycle.

The advantages include:

  • No more bending for loading and unloading of the clothes
  • Light in weight
  • Cheaper than Front Loading washing machines
  • Easier to get repaired


The capacity of a washing machine should depend upon the size of family. Hence, it is logical to assess size of family before zeroing upon the capacity of appliance.

Family size                                                                                           Capacity

Single                                                                                                       5-6kg

3 Members                                                                                              6-7kg

4 Members                                                                                              7-8kg

Large family                                                                                            8kg

Wash Frequency

Those who are having full house i.e. more than 8 persons and indulge in washing only once or twice a week; they should go for a large capacity washing machine.
On the other hand, if you are into washing clothes more frequently, then smaller capacity washing machine would do the trick for you.
One important rule, you shouldn’t forget is “Never to overload the capacity of the washing machine”.

Water Consumption

Selecting a water-efficient washing machine is the only way to save water while washing clothes. If you compare between Top Loading and Front Loading washing machines, the latter saves more water. Usage of water also depends upon the type of program selected for washing clothes. The average 40oC cotton program uses approx. 11 litres of water per kilogram of washing, whereas, 40oC synthetics program is inefficient as it uses over 15 litres per kilogram.

Pricing And Availability

The Washing Machine products available are from reputed brands like LG, Samsung, Ignis, Scanfrost, Haier thermocol  etc. Made from premium quality materials with a manufacturer’s warranty. Buy washing machine online from www.kara.com.ng at pocket-friendly prices


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