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bbbbbbIn this article on laptop buying guide I will be shedding more light on the differences between Intel’s and AMD’s CPU, which will help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying a personal computer. Buying a desktop computer can be a lengthy process involving many complex decisions. Before you know it, you’re drowning in talk of cores and speeds, cost efficiency, GPU efficiency and many more. While you’ll need to consider at least some of these issues, there’s an easier way to approach your purchasing problems. And that is to ignore the technical details, just for the moment, and focus first on a more fundamental question: Intel vs AMD, which processors are the best for you? You will probably find answering this question simpler after going through this write up. When it comes to CPUs, you have one of two firms to choose from: AMD and Intel. These companies make virtually all of the world’s desktop PC CPUs, but that’s where the similarities between the two firms end, for the most part. So, should you go for an AMD or Intel CPU when buying your PC and take note of the following?


Cost efficiency

Generally speaking, AMD’s computer systems are cheaper than their Intel counterparts. If your budget is tight, an AMD CPU is likely the best way for you to go. Once you’re above the N60, 000 price point, Intel processors offer quicker and more powerful performance overall. Cost efficiency on AMD chips drops off when you’re in that area. Intel Core i5 CPUs have an entry level price point of roughly N65,000. Baseline AMD laptop start at about N50,000, and are gaming-capable once you’re roughly in the N55,000 range. You can grab an AMD laptop for around N55,000 right now, which will offer a sufficient amount of performance without forcing you to break the bank on one component, allowing you to spread more of your budget around.


GPU efficiency

GPU efficiency is one area where picking a CPU can get tricky. AMD processors laptop can save you a good deal of money, but more powerful Intel i5 and i7 CPUs laptop can take significantly better advantage of a high-end graphics card if you’re working with a higher budget. There can be a real, measurable difference in frame rate and latency when comparing how an Intel chip and an AMD chip are running apps when using the same graphics card.



CPUs have a fixed clock speed, and they’re typically set at a level which ensures that they’ll remain stable while performing optimally. Users looking to get more performance out of their CPU sometimes perform a tweak to the processor known as “overclocking,” which increases the CPU’s clock speed above the base rate. AMD chips are solid options for overclocking, given that they typically offer more cores for less money, and are more receptive to users tinkering with their settings. Intel chips are typically locked at their default clock speed, without the option to overclock them unless you opt for an unlocked version of their CPUs.


Intel vs AMD; Conclusion

There’s no real “right” answer when you are trying to decide whether you should go for an AMD or Intel processor. Every PC builder has different needs and budgets. If performance is top of your priorities and you can afford the price tag then Intel processors are a good choice.  The difference can be marginal, though, depending on what you are trying to do. You may struggle to notice much difference in gaming performance, and if you’re planning to over clock your chosen CPU – and your target applications make good use of multiple cores – then AMD may sometimes offer equivalent or better speeds for much less cash.


Hp laptop Price

HP 2000 Laptop             ₦87,400.00
HP 255 Laptop               ₦69,000.00
HP CQ 58 Laptop Notebook PC (C6H91EA)     ₦85,000.00
HP Pavilion Core I3 3110M Dual 15-E015 Laptop   ₦91,000.00
HP Notebook PC 4GB 500GB Intel® Celeron (ENERGY STAR J2S72EA)  ₦70,000.00
HP ProBook 430 Intel Core I5-4200U 4GB 500GB 13.3″ Win 7 Pro           ₦148,500.00
HP Laptop 250 G2 Intel Core I3 – F0Y88EA               ₦86,040.00

HP Laptop 250 G2 Intel Pentium 4GB/500GB – F0Z26EA  ₦69,900.00    ₦69,000.00

HP 15-D005sia Intel Pentium Notebook PC             ₦85,100.00

HP 655 Laptop AMD Dual-Core                               ₦64,900.00
HP Laptop 15-R111nia Intel Pentium | K1J72EA     ₦73,450.00
HP 650     ₦80,000.00 ₦78,000.00
HP 250 G2 Intel Pentium Laptop With Free Laptop Bag  ₦74,899.00 ₦69,000.00
HP Laptop 250 G3 Notebook PC | J0Y25EA   ₦80,000.00
All Hp laptops


Dell Laptop Price

Dell Inspiron Laptop Intel Core I3 (2GB, 500GB HDD) 3542   ₦60,500.00
Dell Inspiron Laptop Core I3 (6GB, 750GB)   ₦93,500.00
Dell Inspiron Laptop Intel-Core I3 (4GB, 500GB) Ubuntu 3521 ₦71,500.00
Dell Inspiron Laptop Intel-Core I3 (4GB, 500GB) Windows 8 3521 ₦77,550.00
Dell Inspiron Laptop 15.6″ Intel Core I5 Ubuntu  ₦88,000.00
Dell Inspiron Laptop Intel Celeron (4GB, 500GB HDD) 2957U  ₦59,400.00

Lenovo  Laptop Price

Lenovo IdeaPad Intel-Celeron + Free DOS S210GPBKT ₦50,600.00

Lenovo A10 Mini Touch Laptop -59396588 ₦47,958.00

Lenovo Idea Pad Laptop Core I3 Windows 8 S210 ₦83,600.00

Lenovo Laptop Core I5 Windows 8 Y410P ₦157,300.00

Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Laptop    ₦262,000.00

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