Oppo’s messaging App “MeshTalk” lets you call and chat without Wi-Fi or cellular …

Oppo mashtalk

At MWC 2019 Shanghai, Oppo unveiled a new innovative smartphone feature. It is a new proprietary communications technology designed to let people call or chat across medium distances without using cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

The new technology called MeshTal is a new ad hoc wireless technology allows Oppo handsets within a 3-kilometer range to exchange texts, voice messages, and real-time voice calls in the absence of network or connectivity.

is committed to product and technology innovation that creates a more immersive and comprehensive experience for users,” Qiao Jiadong, product manager at Oppo, said in a statement.

“Imagine a keyless future in which your smartphone opens your car and connects to payment devices at parking garages — or how the connectivity between smartphones and stores in a shopping mall will help deliver precise indoor navigation and highly personalized marketing,” wrote Oppo. “For example, when you pass by an Oppo store, you will be able to view the latest promotions.”

“The under-screen camera and MeshTalk are part of Oppo’s vision for the future that we hope will promote the industry’s technological evolution. We also view our technological innovation as a way to expand the imagination while opening up a wide range of application scenarios,” the statement added.

OPPO says with the MeshTal Multiple devices will also be able to “create an ad hoc local area network (LAN) that allows for the creation of group chats and also helps to expand the communication range via a signal relay”.

Oppo has customised the communication chipset to make way for the MeshTalk technology. The new offering is also expected to realize more comprehensive applications in extreme environments and for emergency conditions.

The official blog post said MeshTalk custom chip “takes advantage of decentralization, greater speed, and lower power consumption”. MeshTalk is also has a high level of privacy according to OPPO as it is able to bypass base stations and servers.

Although this is a great innovation, however, Oppo is not the first technology company to introduce a technology like this.

Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity framework, enables iPhones to exchange data, photos via AirDrop without a cellular connection. Likewise there is a 2013 proposal by engineers at Mitre, who described a “smart” ad hoc mesh that reconfigured smartphones’ onboard Wi-Fi chips to act as Wi-Fi routers with other nearby handsets. Similarly, IBM Research and the Weather Company’s annouched Mesh Network Alerts to deliver severe weather notifications to Android devices in a decentralized fashion.

Finally, just like the Oppo world’s first smartphone with Under Screen Camera (USC) technology unveiled the same day at the Mobile World Congress MWC Shanghai, Oppo is yet to announced the launch date for MeshTalk.