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Nokia, Lumia Phones Prices & Availability in Nigeria


blog-microsoft-lumia (1)Today, it is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. Whether you require a feature-rich smartphone or a simple feature phone, choose the right one for you from the extensive range of Nokia mobile phones available at Kara Nigeria.

A trusted mobile phone brand, Nokia phones are not only stylish but also highly utilitarian. Both Nokia smartphones and Nokia feature phones are equipped with powerful batteries, so you do not have to worry about missing calls or messages due to low battery. Nokia phones also have either have rear cameras or rear and front cameras both. Thus, you can click pictures and record videos whenever you please. Designed to last, a Nokia Windows phone or a Nokia Android mobile will allow you to stay connected round the clock.


Nokia Feature Phones

If you are not comfortable using a touchscreen phone and have no real need for a smartphone, opt for a Nokia feature phone. Available in a bar shape, most feature phones are phones that do not have touchscreens. Easy to operate, feature phones have a display screen with a keypad placed just below it. Many of these feature phones also have a dual SIM feature which makes them extremely useful. Compact in size and extremely lightweight, feature phones can easily be slipped into one’s pocket or one’s handbag. The phones that have rear cameras let you take pictures and record videos as well. True to their name, feature phones have multiple useful features like an FM radio, Bluetooth, a music player, an alarm and many more.

Nokia Lumia Smartphones

Smartphones have become a way of life for people who like to stay connected 24×7, on the go. Whether it is entertainment or work, a Nokia Lumia smartphone will make your life easier. These smartphones have big screens with high resolutions that ensure the best possible picture quality. The powerful and fast processors ensure that you can multi-task without the phone slowing down. Many of these phones have dual cameras too. A benefit of the secondary camera is that it allows you to click any number of selfies you wish to. Most Nokia smartphones, like the ones in the Lumia series, run on the Windows operating system. However, if you prefer the Android OS, Kara Nigeria offers some Nokia phones that run on the Android operating system.

Pricing And Availability

Nokia offers a manufacturer’s warranty on their products, so after-sales support is not something you need to worry about. Check Nokia mobile price browsing through the collection of Nokia mobile phones offered here. Buy Nokia mobiles online from Kara Nigeria right away.


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