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Luminous Power Inverters in Nigeria









Luminous Power Inverters are available for domestic uses as well as corporate applications, with output capacities ranging from 0.8KVA to 100KVA.


Luminous power inverters and their usefulness?

Luminous Power inverters is vary in their uses. Luminous power inverter can  be use for industrial and home grade devices that power entire states, small countries. The principle remains the same no matter what size the of luminous power inverter happens to be. Electrical companies use the largest inverters in massive industrial complexes to generate their own power supply.

Why do we need Luminous power inverter

Luminous power inverter is flexible in its application, extendable and takes on all control processes. Luminous power inverter -class battery management ensures maximum battery life.


  Luminous Power Inverter is Flexible

  • For systems from 3 kW to 300 kW
  • 1-phase and 3-phase, parallel connection and modular expansion possible
  • AC and DC coupling


  • Easy commissioning with the “Quick Configuration Guide”


  • High efficiency
  • Intelligent battery management for maximum battery life
  • State of charge calculation


  • Extreme overload capacity

Luminous Power inverters and their prices in Nigeria.

Luminous Home Inverter 800VA/12V                                                                                   N30, 000.00

 Luminous Power Inverter 7.5kVA/120V                                                                              N270, 000.00                                                                                          Luminous Power Inverters 5kVA/96V                                                                                  N200, 000.00

Luminous Power Inverter 10kVA/180V                                                                               N430, 000.00    

Luminous Power Inverter 7.5kVA/120V                                                                              N270, 000.00

Luminous Power Inverters 5kVA/96V                                                                                  N200,000.00

Luminous power inverters 10kva/180V + 15x 200 AH batteries + rack+ installation    N1, 260,000.00

Luminous Power Inverter 1500VA/24V +2 X 200AH batteries + rack + installation    N169,000.00

Luminous 3.5kvA/48V  Home inverter                                                                                    N120,000.00

Luminous 3.5kvA/48V Inverter + 4x 200AH  batteries + rack + installation                 N350,000.00

Luminous 5kvA/96V inverter+ 8x 200AH   batteries+ rack + installation                    N632,000.00

Luminous 7.5kvA/120V Inverter +10X200AH  battery +rack+ installation                  N820,000.00

Luminous inverter batteries 200AH/12V DRY CELL                                                         N50,900.00

Luminous Inverter Battery 100AH/12V DRY CELL                                                            N30,000.00
The above are Luminous Power inverters prices in Nigeria, some includes battery, racks and installation service. The power inverters are designed to capacity depending on the load you want. Please contact us if you need advice on the recommended power inverter for your home or office. The duration of the power backup would also influence the choice of power inverter batteries.


  1. Please send me your contact address. What capacity of inverter can i use for my house with 1 tv, 1 fan and 3 bulbs.

  2. I will like you to give me an advice on what capacity of Solar Panel i can use as backup charging mechanism for your 7.5KVA/120V or 10KVA/120V Inverter. That is my requirement to power my House and Church (both in the same compound pls).
    Does your packaging include manual on INVERTER MANAGEMENT?
    I will equally like to have your Contact address and Phone numbers.
    Thank you

    • You can call our customer care representatives on; 012911081, 07044913736 or visit us at; 34/36, Adegbola Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja (near Ikeja along) Lagos. Thanks


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