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LG PK7 XBOOM Go Bluetooth Portable Speaker.


XBOOM Go is the first wireless speaker to support aptX™ HD from Qualcomm for superb lossless 24bit/576kbps hi-res streaming audio that satisfies highly demanding audiophiles sensitive to loss of fidelity through Bluetooth. LG was the first company to include aptX HD in a smartphone with the G5 and the advanced audio technology is found even today in the LG G7 ThinQ. The XBOOM Go models also feature multicolor mood lighting as well as Grab-N-Go and X-grip handles for ultimate portability and stability. Long battery life and resistance to the elements such as water makes XBOOM Go speakers perfect for outdoor activities.

Image result for XBOOM goThe look is of a rough and ready unit, sporting metallic handles that form an ‘X’ at either end of the lengthy speaker. It’s made from hard, textured plastic with the grab handle on the top mirrored by one below, upon which the unit rests. Any furniture is protected from the hard plastic by four little rubbery feet.

The metal is finished in matte black and has a textured feel, helping you to get a good grip while allowing the speaker to resist the elements. Certified with an IPX5 rating, the XBOOM Go PK7 is water-resistant to the degree that it will happily withstand a poolside splash or a bit of rain. Just don’t go dropping it in the pool.
Round the back is a covered port bay with connections for charging, wired audio through 3.5mm jack, and a reset button. On the top of the unit you’ll find chunky rubberised buttons for power, volume and more, including Google Assistant via the connected phone.

LG has teamed up with Meridian Audio (more known for its range of high-end hi-fi) in an attempt to get the best possible sound from the PK7’s two midrange drivers, two tweeters and two side-mounted passive radiators (which should boost the bass output of the unit).

And the Meridian name is prominent (it’s a great association for LG, after all). So, to go along with the ‘standard’ sound of the PK7, you can choose to employ one. LG has created a real all-round winner in the XBOOM Go PK7. With superb sound, excellent battery life, a rugged build and cool design with aptX HD quality Bluetooth music playback and speakerphone functionality.Image result for XBOOM go

The PK7 XBOOM Speaker also has high fidelity bluetooth, which allows for bigger transfers of data from your mobile to the speaker. This means you’ll get the superior sound quality you’d expect from a wired connection, but with freedom for cables.

The speaker packs in dual tweeters to aid the expansion of the soundstage. While the tweeters deal with the high-end for clear voices, there are also dual passive radiators that push out bass. The result is clarity at both ends and balance for everything in-between.
Another weapon in this speaker’s excellent sounding arsenal is aptX HD Bluetooth, which means up to 24-bit quality audio streamed over the air from a phone.
In addition to the standard sound stage setup, there are options to enhance the high- and low-ends for certain scenarios. For podcasts, phone calls and radio chatter, for example, the Clear Vocal button helps to boost the sound of talking and singing.

The PK7 undoubtedly gives out a bigger sound than might be suggested from its size. And it certainly isn’t lacking in power, being quite able to flood our medium-sized listening room with music. It’s a nice easy listen, with those passive radiators able to promote some decent bass reproduction, and a fairly wide spread of sound.Related image

The treble does lean towards a touch of coarseness, but it’s by no means a deal-breaker and for its price, the overall sound produced by the speaker is good.  The audio device also comes with an Enhanced Bass button which helps add greater bass power to a song. The LG XBOOM Go has up to an incredible 22 hours of power from a single charge.

These Bluetooth speakers are the redesigned versions of the already impressive XBOOM Go range. However, they’ve received a fantastic update: you can carry them with ease. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, the XBOOM Go Speakers all sport handles for easy and effortless carrying.

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