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LG Electronics Launches A Premium Brand Combining Furniture And Appliances


LG Electronics unveiled a new high-end brand named LG Objet on Thursday, 1 November, its cross-category, premium brand,  which concept according to Song Dae-hyun, head of LG’s home appliance & air solution division is to combine home appliances and furniture. While LG Signature is a premium home appliance brand,  “LG Objet is concept is to brings electronics and furniture together,” the Objet brand mainly targets customers who want to furnish and decorate their private spaces by themselves,” Song said during the press conference at the MOOS Studio in southern Seoul on Thursday.

Introducing the LG Objet brand as “premium private appliances,” LG rolled out four home appliances including a small refrigerator, an air purifier, audio system and TV under the Objet brand.

This new brand is LG’s second premium brand and follows LG Signature, launched in 2016, Yonhap news agency reported. The company said LG Objet products stand out from other appliances in the market as they utilise various materials, including wood and metal, to help consumers customise their home environment.

The company unveiled the first batch of LG Objet products on Thursday namely a refrigerator, air purifier, audio system and TV. This appliances are custom-made and take around three months to produce.

LG said the distinguishable characteristics of LG Objet from other home appliances come from utilizing various materials for products. To deliver more uniquely designed products the brand uses wood and metal. LG said it also collaborated with renowned Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni.

Song said it took about two years to launch the new brand. “We have prepared for the Objet brand for more than two years. Giovannoni helped us a lot to ensure completeness of products. I hope the Objet brand can deliver a new lifestyle experience to customers,” Song said.

Giovannoni said he joined the project because he “got interested in the concept of combining home appliances with furniture.”
“The goal of the Objet brand is to make familiar but yet original products that don’t exist in the world,” Giovannoni said.

Song said the Objet products will be available only in Korea for now, and added the firm will also seek expansion in the business-to-business sector with the Objet products.

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The Objet air purifier and refrigerator each have a price tag of 1.99 million won ($1,750). Both products use premium ash wood for a classy look. As the Objet refrigerator uses thermoelectric semiconductors for cooling, it makes less noise than other refrigerators that use compressors and refrigerant gas.

The Objet TV on  the other hand, LG said will comes with a 65-inch Super Ultra HD display and a sound bar. Inside the TV set, he confirmed that there is a management layer for storage purpose as well. It will be sold for 9.99 million won ($8,800). For the Objet audio system, LG collaborated with British audio company Meridian Audio.

LG said the four products are available at LG’s home appliance stores and local department stores starting Nov. 1. The products will be custom-made and take up to three weeks after purchasing.

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