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LG Display’s 88-inch 8K OLED TV The Future of TV Technology.


The Korean display powerhouse gave us all yet another invention to awe about as we are given a peek into the future of huge, sleeky and extremely high-resolution OLED TV at the 2018 CES summit in Vegas. The company showed off a new 88-inch OLED display with an 8K resolution,  this will be an upgrade to the already existing LG 77-inch panel with 4K resolution.

Though Samsung has an 88-inch TV, however, it’s “only” 4K and QLED’s based TV. As much as an upgrade is expected for the LG 77″ 4K OLED, this is more than we anticipated. Most  TV world is still busy transitioning into the 4K era but this is a long and thick line drawn by LG. Related image

Officially, the new TV’s resolution measures at 7680 x 4320, which is twice the vertical resolution and twice the horizontal resolution of a typical 4K panel.  This change could have only been imagined this early but not foreseen. LG 88-inch OLED TV will deliver the sort of intense pixel density that makes OLED panels look even more stunning than usual.

Though this 8K TV has long been shown or broadcasted about by top companies like the Sharp, Sony, Samsung, LG, and others, and now this talk seems to be really serious, however, I believe it will be long before the 8K TVs can replace the 4K TVs.

Despite the number of 4K TVs on the market, we have bearly transit to the 4K TV dream. It took years for HD to replace SD, and going from HD to 4K as we know hasn’t been easy likewise. Ofcos, we might think 4k TV is popular but how many people own it, sure, the TVs are available, but the vast majority of content shown is still HD.

There is only a few 4K broadcast yet, and even the biggest 4K sources like Netflix, Amazon and Blu-ray disc offer only a small fraction of their catalogs in 4K. It’s a lot easier for a TV manufacturer to add new pixels to its TV series, however, it will be hard for every TV network to completely change every of their piece to match the newly created pixel. Image result for lg 8k 88inc So here comes a question which has been knocking on my mind’s door ” Is 8k TV the next step in TV Technology”.


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