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LG battery Television Price Specifications and features.










LG Electronics has introduced the world’s first battery LED Television into the Nigerian market. The new LG battery LED Television called LG 32LS3800 Battery LED Television, though operates on electricity has a long lasting battery that ensures Television viewing is not unnecessarily interrupted when in it is used.


LG Battery LED Television Price and Availability

LG Battery LED Television is available in most Nigeria stores and you can get one today at www.kara.com.ng  at an affordable price of N59,990


LG battery Television Specifications

  • Smart Energy Saving Plus
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • Picture Wizard 2.0
  • Clear Voice 2.0
  • MCI 100

Features of  LG Battery Television

  • LG  Battery LED Television is portable and easy to carry which makes it convenient to be moved from one place to the other.
  • LG Battery LED Television’s has an ergonomic body that will appeal to consumers looking for a Television that can perform on many levels In terms of design and features.
  • LG battery LED Television eliminates the problem of Television viewers having to scamper for alternative power supply sources like generators; because with the Battery Television they can continue watching Television programs uninterrupted.
  • The LED lighting system which is said to guarantees quality pictures is also capable for the Television’s excellent energy efficiency; it uses 50% or less electrical power, which in the long run is estimated to be cost effective.
  • LG  Battery LED Television’s ensures that the fun and entertainment is not limited to indoor settings alone, as it can also come in handy for alfresco gatherings.
  • Apart from watching favourite Television programs, the LG Battery LED Television also comes with a USB slot which enables consumers watch Divx Movies from their flash or external hard drives.
  • LG  Battery LED Television’s is designed to avoid the inhaling of fumes from generating sets, with the health implications. For some some people, the introduction of the technology, could spark the birth of a new experience in the nation’s entertainment industry.
  • LG Battery LED Television is also the in-built surge protector for long lasting durability and better performance against Power surge; the battery which comes in handy during power outages has a long battery life as it can last the duration of a football match.


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