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Lenovo Mobile will soon take over Blackberry


lenovo to take over blackberry





Lenovo Mobile is warming up to take over Blackberry so the rumour said. Lenovo Mobile who in recent time has been making name in the mobile industry is about to acquire another high profile deal. Lenovo Mobile is willing to pay between $15 and $18 for each Blackberry share which is presently hovering around $10.

On this rumour, Lenovo and Blackberry has decided to keep mute, but it is only a matter of time for us to know the reality of the purchase. It is on record that Lenovo mobile in recent time has taken a bold step to expand their presence and here is another plus to the company.

This rumour is coming at a period when Microsoft is taking over the Nokia brand name. If the above mentioned deal is real, Lenovo mobile will have seriously improved their status in the mobile market.


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