Tecno Phone and battery – Identify Original make


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One of the most prominent thing that is sure about Nigeria market is that when a product is becoming popular, the fake will come to limelight. Tecno mobile has tried to provide a way for its customers in order to know the original Tecno phone in the market even before they buy it.

It is important that anytime one is buying a phone especially Tecno phone one should be sure about the originality, that is when the phone will have everything it is expected to posses and last longer. Tecno Phone make it easy for it customers to check the original of their phone and battery.


How to Check the Originality of Tecno Phone

These are the necessary step to follow in doing that:

  1. Check the Phone pack of your phone (for new phone) or check the back of the phone when you remove the batter (for phone in use) you will see IMEI and VC number
  2. Copy these numbers
  3. Visit  http://gc.tecno-mobile.com
  4. Fill in the IMEI and VC number in the space available for them
  5. Click submit to check the originality of your phone
  6. The result will be displayed either it is original or fake


How to Check the Originality of Tecno battery

  1. Check the back of your battery and copy the serial Number
  2. Visit http://gc.tecno-mobile.com
  3. Type in the serial number in the space provided
  4. Click submit
  5.  The originality of your battery will be displayed

Please always try to check the originality of your Tecno phone before buying it because it will assist you in getting the best out of your phone.