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Iphone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 make top ten of google search


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Google today released the top searches and as we have expected, phones will be among what people are really looking on the net to know more about. Out of all the phones in the market, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Iphone 5s make it to the top ten.

Iphone 5s which is the latest phone from Apple made the third possible, this shows how people really care to know more about quality and beautiful phone like Apple. Iphone 5s rank third coming below Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker.

For Samsung Galaxy S4 it took its stand in the 8th position taking a loop look at Iphone 5s. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Iphone 5s are the only two mobile that meet up with the top ten searches on google in 2013.

This information was release today from google official blog and the other things that make it are listed below in heirachical order

  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Paul Walker
  3. iPhone 5s
  4. Cory Monteith
  5. Harlem Shake
  6. Boston Marathon
  7. Royal Baby
  8. Samsung Galaxy s4
  9. PlayStation 4
  10. North Korea


For 2013 Samsung and Apple made it, let us wait and see what 2014 will actually have for other mobile industry. Google also announced that she has made a 3D map that will allow people to get what are been search in a particular location any day. This is highly interesting for those who is in need of tracking what people want.


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