Infinix Joy Pad 10 finally arrives.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 is another classical tablet from Infinix. Infinix has joined the rest of mobile manufactures this year to launch the Infinix Joy Pad 10. If you ever wish for a three (3) in one (1) phone then you have got Infinix 10 at your dominion.

Infinix 7 and 8 had done quite well in the past and the newest to the list of product from Infinix is the Infinix Joy Pad 10. Infinix Joy Pad 10 is not available in some countries. Infinix Joy Pad 10 had been available in Saudi Arabia. Infinix joy pad 10 will be on sales in Nigeria from 10th of March 2014.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 is a pad, a 3G smart phone and a game console. Infinix 10 is built for everybody and can be used for different purposes. It can either be called Infinix 1000 or joy pad 10 tablets.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 runs an android jelly bean 4.2.2 Operating System, Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM. With the QUALCOMM 3G technology, Infinix Joy Pad 10 allows unlimited downloads anywhere and anytime. Infinix Joy Pad 10 has instinct 16GB internal ROM storage in which music, videos, files, pictures are safe conveniently.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 can also share these files on all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

Below is the comprehensive review of the INFINIX JOY PAD 10


Infinix Joy Pad 10 as the name implies has a dimension of 10.1 inches.  Infinix Joy Pad 10 is slim, very handy (slightly thicker than Samsung Galaxy Note 10) and weighs 0.7kg. Infinix Joy Pad 10 is made up of silver back plate and a bezel at the front. Infinix Joy Pad 10 comes with a colourful IPS WXVGA touch screen with a resolution 800×1280 and a stylus T-pen. Other pen like S-pen of Samsung Galaxy phones is not compatible with the Infinix Joy Pad 10 screen. With the stylus T-pen, you can select apps, draw, make notes and do other gesture activities.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 has 3 ports. One is located at the far right which is use as USB port for charging and connecting to PC for transferring files. Infinix Joy Pad 10 other port is situated at the left, which is the HDMI port used for connecting the device to a LCD screen or HDMI supported device. Infinix Joy Pad 10 can be connected to the projector and make presentations from it. Infinix Joy Pad 10 final port is the 35mm earphone jack.

The Infinix joy pad 10 is a single SIM tablet. Infinix Joy Pad 10 has both 2G, 3G network capacity and HSPA+. Infinix Joy Pad 10 does not have to be a dual SIM because it’s a full tablet.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 comes with 5MP camera for both front and back camera. Infinix Joy Pad 10 has a front camera situated at the top-middle of the display, a small led light at the right side of the camera. The led light is to show when the cables is plugged in mains or in computers. It turns from red to green when full. The Infinix Joy Pad 10’s camera allows users to take pictures anywhere and able to share with families and friends. Infinix Joy Pad 10 will be preferred by picture lovers.  Infinix Joy Pad 10 also supports video or Skype call.


Infinix Joy Pad 10 runs G-sensor, proximity sensor and magnetic sensor are the sensors available in the device. It also has WiFi, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPRS and USB connectivity. Infinix Joy Pad 10 also has pre installed applications like Facebook, Gmail, You Tube, Voice Search, Palm Chat Navigation, Calculator, and Goggle Play Store. Others like Adobe Reader, Quick Office and other document, drawing applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge and other bundled on it.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 has FM radio though most tabs don’t have FM radio. Infinix Joy Pad 10 also has a recorder to record audio sounds.

The battery capacity of Infinix Joy Pad 10 is 700mAh, this ensures that Infinix Joy Pad 10 last as long as it should, up to 8 hours non-stop usage. Watching of movies and playing games on Infinix Joy Pad 10 would really be interesting and satisfactory as the battery last longer.

Infinix Joy Pad 10 comes with a cover (pouch) to protect the screen. The Infinix Joy Pad 10 pouch is free and can either blue or black.


Screen dimension                        10.1 inches

Weight                                              0.7kg

Colour                                              silver

Network                                          2G/3G

Display                                            7.0 “capacitive touch screen (600×1024)

CPU speed (GHz   )                      1.2

Battery                                     700mAh, up to 8 hours non-stop entertainment.

Camera                                   5MP rear facing camera, 5MP front- facing camera

Memory                                   16GB ROM, 1 RAM, 32GB Micro SD card

Operating system                 Android 4.2

Connectivity                          WiFi, Hotspot, GPS, USB, Bluetooth 4.0

Sensors                                     G-sensor, proximity sensor and magnetic sensor

Processor                            Quad core 1.2


Infinix Joy Pad 10 can be use for different purposes either for entertainment or business; you will definitely be excited at the satisfaction and quality you would get from the Infinix Joy Pad 10.

The Infinix Joy Pad 10 is currently selling for N50, 000 but you can get it for N45, 500 fromour online store. Infinix Joy Pad 10 is available, place your order at and expect a fast delivery.

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  • Collins

    Pls I got the infinix joy pad 10 specs. How can I transfer files from the iPad to my usb flash drive?

  • abig

    do it come with usb or bluetooth keyboard??

  • Wynston

    Do it have a dial pad that I can use to make a call?