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Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria


The Nigerian fashion industry has passed through rough edges while growing into a world respected industry. Since inception, the industry has strived in developing different styles and tastes well suitable for the tradition and civilized country.

Within the world of manufacturing in the fashion industry, sewing machines play a huge role in meeting the sewing demands of industrial clothing production. Having been around for generations, they play an integral role in the textiles industry.

For any clothes manufacturing business, purchasing an industrial sewing machine is a valuable long-term investment.

The industrial sewing machine has, since their introduction into the Nigeria fashion market, been a revelation and an eye-opener. This machine has made sewing generally easier, faster and less stressful for creating new and original designs as well as perfect finishing.

Aside from also helping you to stay atop in the fashion industry, a good industrial sewing machine can help you keep up with your clients’ demands.

The benefit and success rate of an industrial sewing machine has helped change the face of the fashion industry in Nigeria, hence, increase in the number of sewing machine manufacturer with a different design, size, sewing styles and prices in the country.

The fact that Nigeria is regarded as one of the largest markets for sewing machine shows how many people are going into this business and how professional they got with the aid of the sewing machine.

Although, every fashion designer wants to produce high-quality products. Sometimes, it is difficult to achieve the desired high-quality products because of their machinery. If they can get the right type of machinery, then their end results will be outstanding.

However, with such a diverse range of sewing machines available, it can be difficult to find the right one for your business. Industrial sewing machines are the ideal fit for factories and companies with larger production lines, but you need to be aware of the one best suitable for your type of design. Be it electric sewing machine, hand sewing machines, embroidery machine, or manual sewing machine.

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Types of Industrial Sewing Machine.

There are different types of industrial sewing machines. The differentiation between them is based on the design of the arm and needle post.

Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine: 
Single needle lock stitch machines are used for joining two or multiple fabric plies together. The machine is used to sew lightweight, medium weight and heavy materials.

Overlock Sewing Machine 
This machine is used for sewing garment panels (example: trouser panels sewing) and for overedge stitch. These types of machine are mostly used in knitted garment sewing for overedge stitch. Like side seam stitch of a t-shirt is done using an overlock machine.

Flatlock sewing machine 
This machine is also called a cover-stitch sewing machine. They are used for hemming sleeve and bottom of the knits products. Cover-stitch can be used in any part of the garment for decorative purpose. 

Feed off the Arm  Machine
This machine is used in making flat and felt seam. Two needle threads form the chain stitch. It is used for sewing shirt side seams and underarms, and for sewing jeans inseam.

Button Attaching Machine 
This is a special machine used only for stitching button in a garment. Different sizes of a button can be attached in the same machine by changing the settings.

Button Hole Machine 
This machine is used for making buttonholes on garments. Buttonholes can be made with different stitch density. Like in Shirts, Trousers, and Polo Shirts etc.

Bartack machine 
Bartack stitch is made to reinforce the seam and garment component. Like in belt loop joining and at the bottom of side pocket opening bartaking is done.

Zigzag Sewing Machine 
This machine is used for zigzag stitching. Used in bra manufacturing, jacket manufacturing, and many more zigzag required stitches design.

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Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

There are many different brands of sewing machines in Nigeria. Although, the similarity in design might convince you into thinking they are all the same. However, while some brand is known for quality and top-class machines, some might have less reputation. Hence, it is always advisable to go for the well established and proven brand name.

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Where to Buy Industrial Sewing Machine in Nigeria.

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