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Hyundai generators; Diesel generators for home and office use



Buy Hyundai generators on www.kara.com.ng today – Communities worldwide depend on electricity to power their lives. This includes the computers and machines that run industry, as well as the electricity fed to businesses and homes. When electricity goes down, what options do people have? One alternative includes using a backup generator to provide power until electricity is restored. Or, in the case of a work site where power is not available, generator such as Hyundai generator that provide a viable option. When considering what type of generator to buy, shoppers can select from a variety of choices on www.kara.com.ng Two of the most popular generator types include gasoline and diesel powered options for the home and business. When purchasing a generator, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each generator type and how each type performs under certain circumstances.

One popular and durable brand of power generator in Nigeria is hyundai generators. Behold “Hyundai HYD120US 8.5KVA a sound proof Generator that provide you with that extra cushion of power while also giving out low power emissions and noise. Hyundai power generator has a low- oil shut off that protects your generator engine from damage if it runs too low on oil, a spin on fuel gauge to show you the level of diesel left. Buy your durable Hyundai diesel generator today from a trusted dealer at www.kara.com.ng


Where to Buy Hyundai Generators

You can buy Hyundai Generators on www.kara.com.ng


 Hyundai  Diesel Generators Power Ratings with prices

Hyundai HYD120US 8.5KVA Sound Proof Generator ₦935,000.00

Hyundai 3.5KVA Generator HYG45KFE                          ₦95,335.00

Hyundai HYD55F 4.5KVA Diesel Generator                   ₦187,000.00

Features of Hyundai HYD120US 8.5KVA Sound Proof Generator

  • Power‎:‎  8.5kVA
  • Single phase
  • Fuel Tank Capacity‎:‎ 50L
  • Built‎‐in‎‐AVR
  • Auto/Electric Starter
  • Oil Alarm System
  • Display system
  • DC Volt‎:‎ 12V
  • 100% Copper Coil Transformer
  • Four Cylinder‎,‎ 4 Stroke‎,‎ water‎‐Cooled diesel


Why diesel generator?

Even though diesel and petrol generators perform the same task, providing power or backup power when needed, diesel and gasoline generators have some distinct differences between them. This is most evident is how a diesel generator ignites the fuel in the cylinder as opposed to how a gasoline generator produces its combustion. The sections below outline some of the differences between a diesel and a gasoline generator.

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to fuel consumption, diesel generators burn about half the fuel that a gasoline generator does. This advantage can be offset somewhat depending upon what the current price of diesel is, but for the most part, a diesel generator costs less over time to use.

Another difference between a diesel-fuelled generator and a gasoline-powered generator is fuel combustion. Gasoline generators use a spark plug to ignite the fuel once in the combustion chamber. Diesel generators, on the other hand, create combustion through the compression process itself, which heats the fuel, thus igniting it. This is a lot safer than a gasoline engine, since there is no spark that could cause an explosion.

Power Production

The difference in power between a gasoline and a diesel generator is evident, as represented in the compression ratios of each. A gasoline engine compression ratio falls anywhere between 8:1 to 12:1, whereas a diesel engine compression ratio falls anywhere from 14:1 to as high as 25:1. This, in turn, leads to the diesel generator running more efficiently than a gasoline generator


A diesel generator requires less maintenance than a gasoline generator. In addition to this, the cost of maintaining a diesel generator is less than for a gasoline generator. Gasoline generators also tend to run hotter than their diesel counterparts, which leads to more wear and tear on the gasoline generator parts.


Hyundai HYD120US 8.5KVA Pricing  and Availability

 Hyundai HYD120US 8.5KVA is now available on www.kara.com.ng for ₦935,000.00



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