Huawei Phones Fall To Second Place In China Market

Huawei Fall To Second Place In China Market

Huawei has failed to clinch the title for the top selling smartphone in China last year, making the china technology giant “vulnerable”.

Huawei which was the leading company was splashed out by Oppo even after getting footballer Lionel Messi and Hollywood stars Scarlett Johannson and Henry Cavill as brand ambassadors.But analysts said the spending did not yield more profit as expected.

“Huawei will not pay for those that don’t work hard.”

This was the statement made by Huawei Group founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei after the fall in market last year.

The giant technology company “Huawei” is presently under pressure after been overthrown by OPPO in the Chinese market.

According to the internal memo sent last Friday, Huawei Group founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei implore all employees to work hard, saying the company would otherwise “fall apart”.

Oppo vice president Alen Wu claims the secret of last year market success was the strategy used by the company.

He said the company based its sales on the offline marketing and it currently has about 300 retail points and experience stores that it manages directly, on top of many more third-party retailers that stock the popular phone brand.

“Oppo’s market domination in China today didn’t come overnight, it was the culmination of years of groundwork, Wu said”.

Strategy Analytics analyst Linda Sui “We don’t expect it will be easy for Huawei to regain the No. 1 position in 2017 in China market, mainly due to less-developed distribution channel in low tier cities and rural areas,”

Basically, Oppo vice president said they are looking up for more of this while Huawei is ready to speed up its race.

Now it is a challenge of who will take over who in 2017.

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