Honda generator price specification and features in Nigeria

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Honda generator is one of the best generators you can see out there. If you are thinking of getting generator for personal or commercial use, Honda generator is the best I can recommend for you. Honda generator is not a new brand in Nigeria market, it has been in the memory of consumers in Nigeria especially those who are ardent buyers of original product.

Honda generators come in various design and model that fit the capacity you are willing to carry with your generator. Some of the basic advantages of buying Honda generator is that they are usually lightweight, portable and compact.

Honda generators that are in market today are powered by 4-stroke engines which gives you smooth, clean power for recreation, construction, emergency use, rentals and office usage.


Honda generator models and Price

Honda generator is highly environmental friendly, it has a coated fuel tank that prevents corrosions and there is elimination of starting troubles. In fact with Honda generator you will not experience power fluctuation.

In this article I will be talking about three powerful model from Honda.

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Honda Generator EB3000S

Honda generator EB3000S is a 2.5KVA generator with keystart. It is an upgrade of EB3000 Honda generator which is also of the same capacity but without keystart. Honda generator EB3000S has a fuel tank of `3.5L and a very low noise level of 98dB Lwa. EB3000S weight 62Kg and it is highly efficient and effective.


Honda generator EB3000s Specification

Max 2.5kVA Rated 2.3kVA

Weight 62kg

14.5L Fuel tank

7.5 Hours continuous running

Consumption 1.93 L / Hour

Noise level 98dB Lwa, 70dB (A)/7m

Key start


Price of Honda EB3000s

The price of Honda generator EB3000s is 132,550 and the manual start is sold for 108,350. Trust me, this is the cheapest price you can get it.


Honda Generator EG500CXS

Honda EG500CXs is part of Honda D-AVR with OHV engine generator. EG500CX is a key start generator with 24L Fuel tank. EG500 CXs can continuously run for 8.1 Hours when the tank is filled and the has a low noise level.


Honda generator Eg500 CXs specification

Max 5.5kVA Rated 5.0kVA

Weight 84.0kg

24.0L Fuel tank

8.1 Hours continuous running

Consumption 2.96 L / Hour

Noise level 99dB Lwa, 71dB (A)/7m

Key start


Price of Honda generator EG500 CXs

The price of Honda generator EG500 CXs on is 271,495.


Honda Generator EM10000

Have you ever wished to power your building with a high capacity generator. This is your best beat, Honda generator EM10000 is an 8KVA generator with a key start. Honda generator EM10000 has 31 litres fuel tank capacity and the power is stable and efficient.


Honda Generator EM10000 Specification

Max 9.0kVA Rated 8.0kVA

Weight 162.3kg

31.0 L Fuel tank

6.5Hours Continuous running

Consumption 4.77L / Hour

Noise level 98.3dB Lwa, 70.3dB (A)/7m

Key start


Price of Honda Generator EM10000

The price of Honda Generator EM10000 is 720,000 and you can order for it now at


Above all, you need to be aware that they are several fake Honda generator outside there, you have so many advantage of buying from Honda dealers and is one of them.