Home Theatre Prices in Nigeria

lg-home-theartre(1)No one likes standing in a long line to buy a couple of movie tickets and ending up with seats you did not want. Would it not be amazing if you could experience a movie theatre atmosphere at home? To do so, all you need to do is browse the wide range of home theatre systems available at kara.com.ng and take your pick. You can opt for a DVD home theatre, a Blu-ray home theatre, a 4.1 or a 5.1 system, a soundbar, and more from well- known brands.

Shop Online for Home Theatres

Home theatre systems will easily transform your living room into a movie theatre. The surround sound you get out of a home theatre will blow your mind. The boosted bass will ensure that you enjoy music, movies and games. Depending on your needs, you can opt for 4.1 or 5.1 speakers. 4.1 speakers have 4 satellites and one subwoofer and 5.1 speakers have 5 speakers and one subwoofer. These satellites can be placed at specific distances all over the living room. The subwoofer contains the manual control buttons and knobs and the displays make navigation a breeze. The remote controls let you change the equaliser settings and also raise or lower the volume. Not only do they give you an exceptional auditory experience, but they also look good and will surely complement the decor of your living room too. You can opt for a home theatre system from brands like LG, Samsung, Sony and others. Installation the system is an easy process and any member of the family will be able to operate it easily. You may also opt for an amplifier from the wide range of amplifiers available at kara.com.ng .

Movie Theatre at Home

With a home theatre in your living room, you can enjoy a rock concert recording or a high-definition movie at its best. You can be assured that you will not miss any minute auditory details. Those who want a home theatre and a blue-ray player will find exactly what they are looking for. You will also find combo packs where you can opt for a DVD player and a home theatre system package. Soundbars are quite unique and a more compact way to enjoy unbelievable sound at home. Soundbars also do not require much space and are aesthetically pleasing too. They do not have satellite speakers but they will provide you with a boosted bass, a comfortable treble and mid sound. You can opt for floor stand speakers and home theatre receivers too. The home theatre price range offered at kara.com.ng is an affordable one and thus you will not have to dig too deep in your pockets to order one for yourself.

Price And Availability

All the sound systems available at kara.com.ng are products from reputed brands and most come with a manufacturers warranty too. Thus after-sales service is something you do not have worry about. If you want an amplifier, a soundbar, or a home theatre system that will last you a long time and is pocket-friendly too, buy home theatres online from kara.com.ng today.

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