Google Offered 1 Trillion Won To LG Display For Curved OLED Display On It’s Next Pixel Phone.

Google Offered 1 Trillion Won To LG Display For Curved OLED Display On It’s Next Pixel Phone.

Google has finally taken a bold step to achieve their plan to introduce a curved screen on the features of   its solid Pixel flagship phone from 2016.

According to the report by South Korea media, Google has offered to pay LG Display 1 trillion won for factory lines that will make flexible OLED panels for its next Pixel phone.

Google had been using AMOLED displays provided by Samsung for the Pixel and Pixel XL, but it looks like the Mountain View Company wants to switch to LG curved screen display.

It is not a shocking news that the search giant “Google” is interested in this deal because the use of curve screen seems to be the reigning trend.  Basically Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 features it and possibility that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will likely have them as well, likewise the latest rumors claiming Apple has struck a deal with Samsung for nearly 70 million bendable OLED displays that will be included in the iPhone 8.


LG Display is said to be reviewing Google’s offer. The proposed amount of 1 trillion won is enough for LG to build an additional line for flexible display production.

This deal could come handy for LG Display, the offer could help South Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd boost output of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens for smartphones, because the LG Display currently supplies small flexible OLED panels for the Apple Watch and LG Electronics’ watch line-up but currently doesn’t have the capacity to produce units for smartphones.


However, We have to wait to see how this goes, since LG Display is yet to respond to this deal, but it’s expected to provide an answer very soon since the next Pixel phone will be announced in the coming months.

Moreover, Google may not have too many other options if their choice is the other option Japan Display Inc. said in January that it won’t be ready to produce flexible OLEDs until 2018. Google tried other means by launching the Pixel phone with OLED displays last year but faced problems securing the displays. Hopefully, the next Pixel phone will feature the curved screen display successfully.