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Generators in Nigeria: 6 Factors to Consider Before Buying One


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Erratic power supply is one of the long-standing problems we’re facing here in Nigeria. And we all know that the only way to get around this problem is to get an alternative source of electric power, usually a generator.

However, finding the right solution seems to be a problem in itself bebcause there are too many options to choose from. Because Nigeria is the world’s largest importer of generators, you can easily get confused as to which generator to buy.

How can you identify the right generator for you among the tons of options you’ll find in the market? Simply consider these six factors, and you won’t go wrong.

Wattage requirements

If all you need to power are just your electric bulbs, TV set, DVD player, decoder, and phone charger, then you’d be okay with a 1KVA to 1.5KVA generator. However, if you need to power high-wattage appliances, such as a refrigerator, an air conditioner, or a washing machine, you will need a generator of 3KVA or more.

Fuel efficiency

It’s only intuitive for you to go for a generator that uses fuel efficiently, since fuel itself costs money. Although the amount of fuel a generator uses hinges largely on the wattage load on it, it also depends on the brand. Some generator brands are reputable for fuel efficiency, while others practically “drink” fuel.

Type of fuel

Another factor you have to consider before buying a generator is the type of fuel it requires to run. This could be petrol, diesel, or propane gas. In Nigeria, most generators use either petrol or diesel. While diesel-powered generators tend to require less frequent maintenance checkups than petrol-powered ones, the fact that diesel costs far more than petrol is worth factoring in (diesel presently sells for N150/litre while petrol goes for N97/litre).

Noise reduction

Although all generators produce some sound, some generators have mufflers that help reduce the noise. You may want to go for these if you live in a small neighbourhood or an apartment complex, so your neighbours won’t use swear words each time they hear that you’ve powered your generator.

Availability of spare parts

Before buying a generator, find out from the dealer (or someone else who knows) about the availability of spare parts. You sure don’t want a generator that will become useless after some months simply because you cannot replace a damaged part. It is recommended that you go for brands such as Honda, Hyundai, Elepaq, Elemax, etc. You can easily find the spare parts for these brands in Nigeria.


Since power supply in Nigeria is an age-long problem that will most likely not end soon, it’s only advisable that you buy a generator that will last long and will require minimal maintenance over time. A generator that requires servicing every month is far from what can be called “durable”. When you’re looking for durable generator brands, you won’t go wrong with any of Honda, Hyundai, Elemax, Elepaq, Mikano, and Sumec.

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