Front loader washing machine vs Top loader washing machine


front vs top Washing machine is an essential household appliance. This article will help you in choosing the best washing machine for your homes and businesses. Before buying a washing machine you will need to put many things into consideration and those things will be mentioned in this write up. As we all know that front loader washing machines were used primarily in Laundromats and commercial washing operation while in the vast majority of homes used top loader washing machine. However, in recent years, front loader washing machine have become more common in the consumer market. The question now is which one is the best washing machine for you. You will be able to go for the one that suit you after reading this article; either you are going for front loader washing machine or Top loader washing machine? Though front loader washing machine and top loaders washing machine have their pros and cons. If however you really care about the price, a top loader washing machine will be okay for you. If it is about value and efficiency, perhaps a front loader washing machine will be better.

Best Washing Machines

When you are buying a new washing machine one of the first thing is: Which of the two types will soothe your needs. Is it front loader washing machine or Top loader washing machine? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, I will highlight the general beliefs about the two types of washing machines; Front loader washing machine and Top loader washing machine.


The design of front loader washing machine is that the drum is mounted horizontally while top loading machine is mounted vertically. Front loader washing machine only needs about half water and detergent that the top loader machine will use to cover the drum. Which means front loader washing machine safes you water and detergent, you won’t need to use much water or soap when using front loader washing machine, but we now have high efficiency (HE) Top loader machine requires less water. In addition, front loader machine spin cycle can reach up to 1000rpm while top loader washing machine spin average is 650rpm. The higher spin speed means clothes coming out of a front loader  washing machine are substantially drier than the cloth that have been spun  in a top loader washing machine.  Drier clothes from the front loader washing machine mean less energy is required to dry clothes after washing them.

Clothing life

Front loader washing machine cleanses the cloth by tumbling the clothes inside the horizontally mounted drum. As the drum turn gravity drops the clothes from the top of the drum to the bottom, continuously cleaning them. In terms of top loader washing machine uses agitator to keep the clothes in motion and push water through them to clean. The agitator motions are hard on clothes and shorten the useful life of those clothes. Thus, the life span of a cloth washed in the Front loader last longer than the one washed a Top loader.


Most front loader washing machine often comes with dryer that is stacked on top them. Giving the pair of appliance a reduced footprint. A top loader washing machine obviously cannot have a dryer stacked on top, so the pair of appliances takes more space in the room. For more info on best washing machine, kindly log on to;


Dryer machine

Dryer machine don’t wash- they only dry. All you just need to do is to load your clothes inside the dryer after washing. Dryer machine use heating elements and air flow to dry clothes. They come as a separate unit or combined with the washer. However, dryer machine require a lot of power and can also cause shrinkage. Separate dryer machine are often more effective than built in dryers in washer.

All in one washing machine

There is also an all in one washing machine that combines the washing machine and dryer machine.  Their major advantage is that they save space by giving two appliances in one.

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Price of washing machines

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Washing machine brands

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