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Food Processor Buying Guide: Best Food Processor


FOOD-ROCESSORWhat exactly can you use a food processor for? It can be confusing to know what you’re supposed to do with all the different attachments. It seems simpler to just keep using your old blender to do whatever it is a food processor does. A food processor is so much more than just a mixer. When you use your food processor, you’ll save time, kitchen space and dishes. Another perk to these food processors is the wide variety of colors and finishes available. Not only will you create amazing food; you’ll also get the option of matching your food processor to your picture perfect kitchen. It may seem a bit intimidating at first to have so many options, but once you get to know your food processor, you’ll find that it is more than just a vegetable chopper. Don’t let your uncertainty keep you from investing in a quality food processor for your kitchen.


Buy your Best Food Processor

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Parts of a Food Processor:



This is also known as the base. With a bigger base, you get a bigger and more powerful motor. This tends to make them weigh more, but a heavy base isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A heavy base is part of a quality food processor. A heavy base gives stability to your food processor and keeps it from vibrating off the edge of your table or counter. Most quality food processors come equipped with several speeds.



These vary in size, so choose the one that best fits your needs. Bowls for food processors can range in size from 4 to 16 cups, with some mini food processors ranging from 2 to 3 cups. Large-capacity food processors are sized perfectly for larger groups; the smaller food chopper runs about 7 cups and works well for one to three people.


Lid and plunger

Not only is your new food processor a handy time saver, but it also comes with a mess-eliminating lid. The food processor’s lid keeps the food from flying all over your kitchen. The plunger is used to push the food towards the blades to keep your finger accident-free.


Attachments and blades

The blades and attachments that arrive with the food processor make it a very handy multifunctionaappliance. The different blades and attachments allow you to slice, dice, chop, mix, grate, shred and blend to your heart’s content. Most attachments are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. In addition to the standard chopping blade, possible attachments may include a dough blade for mixing bread dough, discs for slicing, shredding and julienning, a whisk for beating your eggs, a juicer for citrus fruits and graters for ice and cheese.


Price And Availability

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