Features of Whatsapp Recent updates

Whatsapp is not only the most widely used chat platform in Nigeria, they are also expanding their functions for better acceptability. Innovations are been combined with customers need from the technical end of Whatzapp and this in return give them better popularity.

If you are a good user of whatsapp, you might have updated your application quit a number of times. The latest features from whatsapp update give the below benefit.

Document sharing features

Whatsapp added this feature to enable sharing of documents especially Pdf files with both individual and groups. In order to share such document in a group all those on the group would have updated their whatsapp version to accommodate such receipt.

At the moment, Pdf files are what is majorly been shared, however reports shows that testing is ongoing to add other document types sharing.


Emojis increased

The emojis that can be used on whatsapp has also witness increase. At present, sending of emojis has been increased to a 100 emoji limit.

Google Drive Synced

Google drive has also been synced with Whatsapp. This means you can easily backup your chats, save documents that are important to you. Your important chat can now be thrown into a better save place courtesy of whatsapp.


Upgrade of Group number

The last update before this sometimes in February has increased the number of people in a group from 100 to 256. This enable large people to think and rally round ideas together. Groups that have been separated before are now merging.


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