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Elemax Generator For Sale In Nigeria


elemaxDue to the epileptic public power supply by PHCN‎ in Nigeria, so it became a necessity to have an alternatives that will provide you with  electricity which is Elemax Generators that comes in different capacities as well as varying sizes. There are 10 KVA Elemax generators, 8 KVA, 6.5KVA and more. There are gasoline generators as well as diesel generators available on www.kara.com.ng . We make it easy for you to buy your generator online and provide convenient payment methods. For your  home appliances and other electronic gadgets, come to www.kara.com.ng where quality is guaranteed. Elemax 10 KVA generator will power all your appliances efficiently. So to get one today from a trusted brand, and on www.kara.com.ng, there are several original generator brands available apart from Elemax  and they are Sumec FirmanHyundai, Honda, Elepaq


Where to buy Elemax Generators

Buy your Elemax Generators and other brands of generators on www.kara.com.ng


Elemax Generator prices

For Elemax Generator pricing visit www.kara.com.ng


Diesel Generators For Sale In Nigeria

ELEMAX    SH15D:     AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 12 KVA –  15 KVA, Weight(dry)  341Kg
ELEMAX    SHT15D:   AC Output 50Hz, 13 KVA – 15 KVA, Weight(dry) 341Kg
ELEMAX    SHT17D:    AC Output 60Hz, 15 KVA – 17 KVA, Weight(dry) 341Kg


Standard   Series Generators

ELEMAX    SH1900:  AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 1.3 KVA – 1.9 KVA, Weight(dry) 29Kg
ELEMAX    SH2900:  AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 2.0 KVA – 2.9 KVA, Weight(dry) 34Kg
ELEMAX    SH4000:  AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 2.7 KVA – 4.1 KVA, Weight(dry) 51Kg
ELEMAX    SH5000:  AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 3.2 KVA – 5.0 KVA, Weight(dry) 54Kg
ELEMAX    SH6000:  AC Output (Min/Max) 50Hz – 60Hz, 4.0 KVA – 6.0 KVA, Weight(dry) 65Kg


Benefits of Generator

  • Generators are reasonably safe as long as the safety precautions are met and no misuse takes place. Always use a generator outdoors where it is well ventilated the carbon-monoxide that a generator releases is colourless and odourless and will kill you if you suffer prolonged exposure.
  • Having an electrical generator will allow appliances such as you fridge and freezer to continue to function saving you money on having to replace your perishables.
  • If you run your business from home you need your computer to be on so that you may send and receive emails as well as continuing your other work.
  • When you have a small baby that needs her bottle in the middle of a blackout your generator will allow you to boil water, switch on your kettle and make your baby her bottle.
  • In the event that you have a permanently stationed generator or a wind / solar generator mounted close to your house, the value of your property will greatly increase.
  • As long as the generators maintenance is kept up to date you may be rest assured that your generator will not fail you.
  • There are even generators available that make very little to no noise.
  • Not all generators cost an arm and a leg. Your local hardware store will have generators for sale that are reasonably priced.
  • If your generator has regular maintenance checks you could expect anywhere between 15 to 20 years of loyal service from your generator.
  • Because portable generators are not connected directly to your homes electrical system there is never a chance of damaging your generator due to a power surge that may run through you house.

Taking the above mentioned benefits associated with generators into consideration it is high time we all invest in a generator to call our very own.




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