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Electric Rice Cooker Buying Guide


for-kitchenSometimes, a simple task like cooking rice on the stove can pose a challenge. If you don’t add sufficient water or forget to check the stovetop regularly, chances are that your rice could overcook or burn. A smarter alternative is to invest in an electric rice cooker. The convenient appliance eliminates the fuss out of cooking rice. Simply switch it on, set it to cook, and leave. The cooker shuts off automatically after the rice is fluffy and perfectly cooked. Here are important tips and features to consider before buying a rice cooker.

Electric cooker Price

To give your kitchen a makeover and make cooking  fun, buy electric rice cookerr online from  www.kara.com.ng at pocket-friendly prices


Generally, most rice cookers offer basic features such as cook and keep-warm settings, one-touch operation, a nonstick removable bowl and a lid. Many models also come equipped with a handy steaming tray or basket for steaming vegetables, fish, or poultry.

Higher-end rice cookers use fuzzy logic technology, which senses fluctuations in cooking and automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature to deliver precise results. There are also induction heating rice cookers, which evenly distribute heat for delicious and thorough results. Another type of rice cooker is the pressure rice cooker, which uses pressure to cook rice faster. Other than cooking rice, some models offer options for cooking foods such as brown rice, sushi rice, and soup. In some models, a digital control panel is provided for ease of use. The type of rice cooker model you choose depends on your needs. For those that eat rice occasionally, a basic rice cooker should be sufficient.


Rice cookers for home cooks differ in size and range from three cups to more than 10 cups. For parties or commercial use, there are larger rice cookers available, which can yield up to 46 cups. Typically, for a family of four, a medium-size 5-cup or 6-cup rice cooker should do the job. However, the size you choose depends on the amount of rice your family consumes.

Additional Tips

1. Choose a rice cooker that has an easy-to-clean nonstick inner container.

2. If you enjoy cooking different types of rice and grains such as brown rice, quinoa or risotto, choose a fuzzy logic rice cooker model. These computerized rice cookers offer settings to custom-cook different types of grains to perfection.

3. A timer is a convenient feature to have. You can set the rice to cook at a certain time so that it is ready at mealtime.

Price And Availability

The Electric rice cookers products available are from reputed brands like Philip, Binatone, Saisho, Qasa  etc. Made from premium quality materials, some of the non-stick cookware products even come with a manufacturer’s warranty. To give your kitchen a makeover and make cooking  fun, buy electric rice cooker online from kara.com.ng at pocket-friendly prices


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