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Choose a laptop that perfectly caters for your requirement


lappyThe major advantage of a laptop over a desktop is its portability and convenience which in an age of fast communication and rapid opportunity makes all that more difference to any user. The former have a compact size and specifications that will let you do all your office work and keep you entertained for hours. At Kara.com.ng you will come across laptops that have different specifications. So you will be able to choose a laptop that perfectly caters for your requirement. You will also be able to select from brands like HP,DellLenovoASUSAcer, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple  and more. If you are looking for a new laptop then you must shop online at kara.com.ng.

Laptops Based on Screen Size

Laptops are available in a variety of screen sizes. If you are looking for a 17 inch laptop, then you can check out the Dell Alienware 17 which has an Intel core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM. With this laptop you will surely be able to play all your favourite games and run all the software that you wish to. If you are looking for a regular laptop you must take a look at the notebook from HP. It has a 15.6 inch screen and is also equipped with a 4 GB RAM. It is perfect for everyday use and has HD 4400 graphics card. You will be able to watch all your favourite movies and play games on this laptop. If you want a small screen laptop, then you can opt for the Dell Inspiron 11. It is a compact laptop and has a screen size of 11.6 inches and has a wide range of features. It can be carried along in a backpack or your briefcase. It has a Celeron processor and it is perfect for regular use. You can also opt for 14 inch laptops. The Dell G4 has a 14 inch screen, with a dual core processor and 2 GB RAM. For those who have to multi-task a lot, it is good to opt for the quad core laptop. The HP Pavilion X360 has a quad core processor, along with 4 GB Ram which will make sure that you can run all your software with ease.

Touchscreen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops are easy to use as they do not require a keyboard and touchpad to operate. The Dell Inspiron Touchscreen Laptop is one such laptop. It has a 1 TB hard disk and a 2 GB graphics card. It runs on the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. The 4 GB RAM ensures that you will not have to slow down in speed while using the laptop. The Lenovo Flex is another touchscreen laptop with a flexible screen. It is equipped with 4 GB RAM and is powered by an Intel core i3 processor.


Prices and Availability

At Kara.com.ng, you will be able to take your pick from regular or touchscreen laptops, dual core or quad core laptops, or even opt for a laptop based on screen size all at best prices



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