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Cheap Best Laptops Brand in Nigeria


lappyWhether you are looking for a laptop for work, study or leisure Kara.com.ng has the machine for you. We have a huge choice of cheap laptops direct from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Asus and Apple and all are available at affordable prices every at kara.com.ng

Laptops vary greatly in performance and cost, so the first thing to consider is exactly what you will be using the device for. If you are simply looking for an everyday machine to surf the internet, send email and do some word processing, your requirements will be vastly different to a professional designer or hardcore gamer who needs the latest and fastest model.

Finding your laptop

If you are searching for a reliable machine for everyday computing and are conscious of your budget Asus and Acer produce some excellent laptops at incredibly low prices. Or you may consider an inexpensive alternative to the usual Windows machines by choosing a Chromebook or Ubuntu laptop. These budget laptops represent exceptional value for money whilst still having plenty of power for routine tasks.However, if you are purchasing a laptop for the whole family to enjoy, you should consider a mid-range machine. Laptops from manufacturers such as HP and Toshiba are ideally suited for surfing the web, photo editing, streaming movies and low-level gaming.Business users looking for a high specification, portable and ultra-secure machine should consider Dell laptops. A brand that is synonymous with producing devices specifically aimed at the business user.Designers, photographers and creative professionals will naturally gravitate towards Apple and kara.com.ng have a full range of MacBooks from which to choose. But, if you are a dedicated PC gamer, than only the fastest machine will do and we have a range of powerful gaming laptops from Asus and PC Specialist.

Understanding laptop specifications

Even when you are clear about why your need a laptop computer and exactly what you will be using it for, you are still faced with what can be seen as a bewildering array of options. We have a guide to the different specifications available below, which should help you zero in on the best laptop for you.

Comparing laptop types

A notebook is a more portable version of a laptop, but the small screen size isn’t ideal for family use or for extended periods of working.
Convertible laptops are tablets that can be converted into a standard laptop with the addition of a keyboard. These machines are becoming more popular, but their low processing power isn’t suitable for demanding tasks.An ultrabook is a very high-specification laptop suitable for those who need a top-of-the-range processor for multitasking and power-hungry programs.

What is a processor?

The processor, or CPU, determines how fast the machine can process data and perform tasks. AMD and Intel make processors of different speeds. Basically, the more powerful the processor, the faster the computer.

What is computer memory?

Memory refers to the machine’s capacity for storing programs and information. More gigabytes (GB) means more data can be stored. A laptop with insufficient memory will run slowly or even freeze.

What laptop display do I need?

A larger screen is generally easier to work with, though it does compromise portability. If gaming or streaming movies will be your main activity, consider a full-HD display to make the most of your multimedia.

What is an optical drive?

Most optical drives allow you to read and write data on a CD-ROM or DVD. Many laptops have one built in, but they are often omitted to reduce weight. If a DVD drive is important to you, carefully check the specifications of the machine you are considering before making a purchase.

Great laptop deals

Whether you are looking for a cheap laptop, top-of-the-range ultrabook or something in-between, kara.com.ng has a huge selection available at fantastically low prices on Kara.com.ng


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