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Bluegate Inverters: Cost Friendly Inverters in Nigeria


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Being a Nigeria is understanding the meaning of inconsistent power supply. Majority of use grew up with this trauma. Stopping power outage today is now easy and cool with Bluegate inverter solution, you can solve the incessant power outage in your house.

When considering the options you have in solving the power outage problem, generator which is the most common element is no more pocket friendly, with a daily deposit of no withdraw for fuel. When you are buying a generator, you have only spend less than 10percent of your financial commitment to the power outage problem, 90 percent will be spend on maintenance which is fuel majorly.


Bluegate Power Inverter: the Best Solution

With the advent of power inverter, you can go to sleep after your first purchase. Power inverter system has proved over the years a formidable power solutions to Nigeria, irrespective of your class in the society.

Today, many complain about the high price of buying inverters. If that is also your barrier, here comes the best alternative for you. Bluegate Power Inverter is here to give you best experience of inverter system at the best pocket friendly price.

If you are thinking of getting power inverter today, your best option is Bluegate power inverter with sine pure waves, stabilize output voltage which will take care of your machines with ease.


Price of Bluegate Power Inverter system

As at the time of writing this blog, Bluegate power inverter price from kara.com.ng is 29,900 for 1kva, 40,800 for 2KVA while 3.5KVA is sold for 102,000.

Features of Bluegate Power Inverter System

The bluegate power inverter has multiple models and one of it is the 1kva. The 1KVA system can take care of your television and the minor gadgets you have in your home. The 1KVA Bluegate inverter has the following specifications.

  • Wide input voltage range (Super Low model also available)
  • Over-voltage, Low –voltage, delayed output, short circuit and High temperature protection
  • Classic series, EI transformer, relay type
  • Input and output voltage meter display
  • Circuit breaker
  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Model: BG1000
  • Output Power: 640W
  • Input Volateg rating: 220VAC
  • Input Frequency rating: 50Hz
  • Input Phase: Single phase
  • Voltage range: Inverter mode: 120-300VAC/ UPS mode: 145-285VAC
  • Frequency range: 38 – 70Hz
  • Voltage Utility Mode: Inverter mode: 160 – 260V/UPS mode: 190-260V
  • Voltage Battery Mode: 220VAC±10%
  • Frequency Utility Mode: same as utility
  • Frequency Battery Mode: 50Hz±1Hz
  • Waveform Utility Mode: Tracking utility
  • Waveform Battery Mode: sine wave
  • Power Factor: 0.8
  • Protection: Overload/short circuit/overheat
  • Noise: ≤55dB(1m)
  • Transfer Time: 6ms
  • Battery Voltage: 12VDC
  • Charge Voltage: 13.8V±0.3V
  • Charge Current: 10A/20A(optional)
  • Temperature: 0⁰C – 40⁰C
  • Humidity: 20% – 95%(non condensing)


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