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Black Friday sales 2014; Latest News in Nigeria


2014 black friday




Whao!  Black Friday is here again and it is expected to be even bigger than wondrous Wednesday that most of you shoppers enjoyed with more discounts on most items. Black Friday is known for its deep discounts and its going to be a biggest event. Black Friday is always enjoyed at big stores like kara.com.ng, and pricey electronics are always a go-to holiday purchase. Keep an eye out for extras that you can get with at affordable prices. Awoof promo is running on mobile phones and tablets, vacuum cleaners, motor radio, computer and accessories, car trackers, refrigerators, generators, washing machines and many more appliances to be sold for up to 100% discounted price at www.kara.com.ng on Black Friday 28th of November 2014 . You can order for a cheaper generator that was initial sold for N141, 000 at the rate of N102, 000 or purchase Sunkam inverter of N45, 000 for N40, 500 and many other take away discounts on other products for black Friday only at www.kara.com.ng. Start ordering for the awoof sales now!!! Because A stitch in time saves nine. First come, first serve, early bird take catches the worm.

What is black Friday?

Black Friday is a day when you see the craziest discounts on various products from mobile, electronics, home appliances and many more. For many it has become a day when people save to do all their shopping for the year.  Online shopping sites and stores get a lot out of their stock by offering huge discounts and massive deal. Knowing well we are getting into New Year.


Black Friday sales in Nigeria

November 28th is the day where you get to take part in the biggest shopping experience; it is called black Friday in kara.com.ng. As the Christmas and new year are getting near, Kara has made it possible for you to enjoy the best of  Black Friday deals online by bringing you products ranging from electronics, TVs, laptops, home appliances, cameras, wrist watches, phones and tablets and many more at up to 100% discounted prices. To Nigerians, who for many years have only read about ‘the biggest shopping event, Black Friday may present a great opportunity to meet their shopping needs? Visit www.kara.com.ng to view and to no more about our awoof sales.

For the First Time Shoppers

Buy mobile phones, tablets, electronics, home appliances and more at prices you will love. Black Friday sales will gives you the opportunity to get that item you have always wanted at discounted prices. Shopping will be easy and convenient.  To order online; log on to www.kara.com.ng  click on “shopping cart, and carefully check each item for accuracy, and the shipping charges, Fill out the form with your name, email, mailing address  and mode of payment and the product will be delivered to your home or office.

I just guide you to www.kara.com.ng  where the best deals are found, and where the big online sales are on? Better prices than in your local store and other online shopping site! Get ready for this amazing Black Friday shopping experience at www.kara.com.ng!!!


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