University Billionaire Benefactor ‘Hired A Hit Man To Kill His Eldest Son’. Why?

 University Billionaire Benefactor ‘Hired A Hit Man To Kill His Eldest Son’. Why?


Stated below are the claims allegedly placed on a billionaire named Robert Foisie in the court.

  • Robert Foisie, 81, allegedly placed a hit on his eldest son after been removed from a managing position in the family company.
  • He is being investigated by the FBI and the IRS in addition to the shocking claims 
  • Robert gave Worcester Polytechnic Institute $40million in 2014
  • His ex-wife Janet Foisie is filing a lawsuit against his alma mater
  • Janet claims $4.5million of that was hidden from her during their divorce 

The above mentioned billionaire businessman was Reported to have paid a Boston man named Balzotti a sum of $200,000 down payment’ to kill, or find someone to kill his son Michael because the children chose to remove him from the managing position of a family investment company.

According to reports gathered Robert Foisie faces multiple on different allegation leveled against him.

After learning of his father’s plan to get rid of him through a hit man, who he gave written instructions as to Michael’s whereabouts. Michael filled a lawsuit in fear of losing his life.

According to court documents, Robert bribed a Florida man named James Balzotti to murder his son with a ‘written instructions’ as to Michael’s whereabouts.

Balzotti then confided in his business partner Robert Casale about the proposition, who then reportedly convinced him not to go through with the murder. Casale later told the Foisie family about the father’s alleged plan, feeling a ‘moral obligation to do so,’

Robert Foisie is also reportedly being investigated by the FBI for wire fraud, and is negotiating with the IRS over claims of tax evasion.

The alleged billionaire also stashed millions overseas to prevent his ex-wife from getting too much money in their divorce settlement.

However the philanthropist or so it seems to be donated a record $40million in 2014 to the university, he graduated from in 1956. Over his lifetime, he’s contributed $63million to the school.

The university is now constructing a $49 million building with his donation: The Foisie Innovation Studio. Their business school is also named after him and there is a scholarship fund in his honor.

Furthermore, His ex-wife Janet Foisie said in a federal lawsuit filed in March against Worcester Polytechnic Institute that her ex-husband concealed $4.5million from her during divorce proceedings in 2011 and then gave that money to WPI.

Her ex-husband is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. However, Ms Foisie believes her husband hid the $4million she is seeking in a ‘Valduz Trust’ at a Swiss bank during the time of their split, according to the telegram.

As a condition of the divorce in 2010, both parties were required to divulge all of their assets. They had reportedly been married since 1960.

According to a copy of their settlement, both were set to receive $20million from securities and divided ownership of their homes.

Based on the reports and facts here comes the question “is Robert Foisie a philanthropist or a super villain?